Further effort for construction order management (09:01 18/07/2019)

HNP - In the first six months of 2019, Hanoi witnesses significant progress in construction order management. The number of construction works licensed or exempted from license has been increased continuously, and now reaches over 99%.

The violations in the field of construction order has  decreased remarkably in both number and rate in comparison to the same period last year. The infractions are handled on time and in the right process; as a result, the rate of unresolved cases has been  reduced further (22.68% in 2019 in comparison to 26.40% in 2018). Unresolved cases of violation are being handled. Authorities are dealing with extremely thin and distorted houses, meanwhile minimizing similar cases when building new roads.

Thanks to specialized inspection and examination, the Inspectorate of Department of Construction have guided investors, individuals and organizations  to comply with legal regulations. Severe punishment is applied for violations; contributing to improving  state management in the field of construction order and urban infrastructure. The Inspectorate also acts as advisor to the Municipal Party Committee and People’s Committee to propose measure and solutions.

Effort has also been intensified in handling feedback, complaints and denunciations; most of new cases are solved. Inspectorates at all levels conduct examination and inspection regularly, and handle complicated, unsolved cases, contributing to security stabilization of the city. Urban construction management teams under People’s Committees of districts and towns are established, contributing to helping the People’s Committees at all levels to detect, prevent and handle violations as soon as they occur.

Apart from the progresses, there are some problems in construction order management, such as management in suburban areas, in non-residential land (public land, agricultural land or forestry land), and certain unsolved cases of violations.

In order to fulfill the task of ensuring construction order management in Hanoi, the Department of Construction requests the Inspectorate to perform following task:

- Realize plan of inspection and examination in 2019, improve quality of their conclusions, proposals and decisions, handle complaints and denunciations, prevent and fight corruption, increase effort for thrift practice and combat wastefulness, raise efficiency in planning and planning management, and increase discipline in construction order management;

- Increase specialized inspection and examination in construction and urban infrastructure, focusing on projects on developing houses and urban areas in Hanoi, thus detect violations early, handle them as soon as they are uncovered and deter serious infractions; conduct regular inspection and examination, urge more effort, and sum up outcome after handling cases of extremely thin and distorted houses, and report to the Hanoi People’s Committee for further instruction and guidance.

The People’s Committees of districts and towns are requested to take following actions:

- Instruct the construction order management teams, People’s Committees of communes and wards and related units to fulfill their function in construction order management at grassroots level, particularly increase information work and popularization of regulations on construction order management; enhance the instruction and leadership as well as examination and supervision of heads of urban construction order management teams, heads of natural resources and environment sections, heads of urban management sections, as well as People’s Committees at commune and ward level and Chairpeople. All construction works must be checked and handled timely;

- Instruct the People’s Committees of communes and wards to focus on unsolved cases of construction works, especially the ones built on agriculture and forestry land and the extremely thin and distorted works in the areas under their management.

By Mai Phuong

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