Hanoi: Diversifying resources mobilized for new-style rural area building (21:40 07/07/2019)

HNP - Hanoi has effectively realized policies on mobilizing and using resources in the National Target Program on building new-style rural areas for the period of 2016-2020 in the city. However, the city has had some difficulties and problems which need being removed as soon as possible. 

No debt in basic construction
Over the past time, Hanoi has mobilized available resources for new-style rural area construction. According to a report, from January 2016 to April 2019, over VND41 trillion were mobilized to fulfill the National Target Program on new style rural area building in Hanoi. 
By the end of 2017, Hanoi had no debts in capital construction under the National Target Program on new style rural area building. 
Notably, the city has gained remarkable achievements in agricultural development. The added value of agricultural sector posted an average increase of 2.5%. The total value of agro, forestry and fishery sector in 2018 expanded by 3.6%. Hanoi has built a total of 131 hi-tech agricultural models.
 In terms of new style rural area building, to date, Hanoi has had four rural districts recognized as new style rural status, namely, Dan Phuong, Dong Anh, Thanh Tri and Hoai Duc. Additionally, 325 out of 386 communes have met new style rural criteria, increasing by 124 communes compared to 2015.
It is expected that three rural districts (Quoc Oai, Gia Lam and Phuc Tho) and 30 communes will compete the new style rural building by the end of 2019, increasing the total number of new style rural communes to 353. Thus, a total of 10 districts and 370 communes will meet new style rural standards by 2020.
Farmers’ living standards have been improved remarkably. The average income of a farmer is expected to reach VND49 million (over US$ 2,100) in 2019. The rate of poor households in rural areas reduced from 3.65% in 2016 to 1.81% in 2018.
Removing difficulties
In an effort to deal with financial problems in building new style rural areas, apart from mobilizing the capital, the Hanoi People’s Committee suggested the Ministry of Planning and Investment in collaboration with relevant ministries and sectors advise the Prime Minister to perfect mechanisms and  policies to carry out the National Target Program on building new style rural areas; instruct and urge provinces and cities to  roll out concrete new style rural construction projects approved by the Prime Minister and competent authorities; effectively implement the science and technology program to serve the building of new style rural areas for the period of 2016-2020; promote safe and clean agricultural production; work out the “One Commune, One Product” program for the period of 2018-2020 approved by the Prime Minister. 
Besides, Hanoi will finish building necessary facilities in rural areas, especially in poor and difficult communes; create favorable conditions for socio-economic development; focus on environmental protection; improve  the quality of cultural life and maintain order and security; associate new style rural area construction with the movement “All people unite to build cultural life”; increase the quality of new style rural standards, especially criteria for locals’ lives, environment, culture and order and security, among others.

By Tran Huong



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