City guarantees traffic safety and order to meet people’s demand in upcoming holidays (12:07 13/04/2019)

HNP - The Hanoi Department of Transport issues Plan No. 2522/KH-SGTVT dated April 9 on taking action to guarantee traffic safety and order to meet people’s demand in upcoming holidays (Hung Kings Commemoration Day, Reunification Day and International Labor Day).

According to the plan, the Department will cooperate with central and Hanoi newspapers and radios, to conduct communication and education on road, waterway and railway traffic laws; launch a hotline to receive and handle people’s feedback of unsafe vehicles, taxis and buses, as well as other relevant problems in terms of traffic safety, urban and public order during the holidays. The Department will coordinate with Hanoi Police Department and related agencies to increase effort and handle frequently congested places, and deal with 21 black spots of traffic accidents in Hanoi. They will also increase examination and punish violations, such as oversized, overloaded trucks, encroachment upon roadsides for illegal trading or parking.

During the holidays, traffic infrastructure managers will assigne forces on duty 24/7 in order to tackle problems in terms of transport, ensure smooth traffic flow and safety, minimize accidents and congestion in Hanoi.

Furthermore, they will maintain security and order, environmental sanitation of pedestrian underpasses and overpasses in the city; increase supervision at level-crossings without barriers, thus guaranteeing traffic safety; conduct further inspection to ensure safety at intersection between roads and railway to ensure safety of the people.

In terms of passenger transport, the authority will improve service and satisfy people’s demand of transport during the holiday; control quality and quantity of vehicles on routes, increase dissemination work and make public  routes and schedules of the buses; prepare plan of adding more buses in bus stations like Giap Bat, GIa Lam, My Dinh, Nuoc  Ngam, Yen Nghia, Son Tay, Hanoi Train Station, as well as bus interchanges like Long Bien, Cau Giay during the peak days when the number of passengers increases sharply.

Taxi  businesses will offer 24/7 service, provide timely information to the; provide information about availability to passengers; request taxi drivers to strictly abide by the  Law on Road Traffic as well as other regulations of Hanoi.

In terms of inter-provincial passenger transportation, transportation per contract and tourism transportation, the Department will facelift the bus stations, ensure environmental sanitation, prevent and control fire and explosion, maintain passenger service and vehicles, and soon proceed to sell tickets to the passengers; arrange more ticket counters at bus stations and increase manpower to create favorable conditions for transportation enterprises in selling tickets, as the number of passengers increase sharply.

Transportation enterprises will regularly urge their bus drivers of routes to hill, slopes, intersections between roads and railroads, secondary roads and main roads, crowded places, or drivers of double-decker buses, extra buses, overnight trucks to increase concentration, pay special attention and reduce speed on the roads with danger signs. In terms of traffic arrangement, examination for traffic safety and order, urban order and public order of streets and roadsides are expected to be conducted.

The Department will cooperate with police forces, People’s Committees of districts and towns, transport infrastructure managers to prepare and take measures for organizing traffic flows, reducing congestion on the routes, especially on ring roads and main routes to the city center, dykes, gateways to the city, as well as routes in the city center; strive to minimize the number of traffic accidents and jams during the holidays.

The authority will increase manpower to guide traffic flows at frequently congested places; cooperate with local police and governments, check and handle violations of encroachment upon streets, traffic safety corridors and pavements for trading, take drastic measures to eliminate parking places that are illegal or overcharging customers; examine on-going construction works, severely punish violations of traffic safety and order, urban order and environmental sanitation.

The Department will coordinate with army, police forces and local governments to increase examination and control, guarantee security and order on passenger transportation routes, at bus stations and train stations, thus ensure safe and convenient transport of passengers during the holidays, and minimum congestion at bus stations. It will prepare plan to collaborate with police, traffic police forces of Hanoi to increase examination and control in inter-provincial passenger transportation routes, bus stations and bus stops for traffic safety and convenience during the holidays; examine, and  severely punish illegal buses, bus stations, pick-up and drop-off at unauthorized  places, and technically substandard vehicles; severely punish drivers and their vehicles that are substandard, run on wrong routes, offer improper/illegal pick-up and drop-off, as well as drivers that drink alcohols, fail to comply with transportation regulations, and vehicles that are overloaded with passengers or overcharging its customers.

By Mai Phuong

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