Hanoi: more efforts to guarantee dyke safety (12:08 13/04/2019)

HNP - Due to effect of climate change, recently Hanoi has faced with increasing natural disasters including flood and storms. In order to minimize property losses, the city has been investing in building, consolidating and completing the dyke system.

Increasing capacity of flood prevention and control

Hanoi has nearly 627km of classified dyke, including around 38km of special dyke, over 249km of dyke on level 1, over 45km dyke on level 2, and over 72km  dyke on level 3.
The dyke is used for the purpose of flood prevention and control, and as traffic roads.
According to Chu Phu My, Director of the Hanoi Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the city prepares annual plan on dyke management and key places of protection to proactively respond to natural disasters; allocate manpower to control storm, tropical depression, provide up-to-date information and report according to regulation; ensure smooth leadership and operation, minimize the loss of properties and lives due to storms and floods.

The Department also conducts regular inspection, assesses the classification of supplies for flood and storm prevention and control  before the floods,; build map of supply distribution and critical places of dykes.

Remarkably, Hanoi Subdepartment  of Dyke Management and Flooding, Storm Prevention and Control acts as advisor to the Department in two dyke planning schemes, including detailed planning on flood prevention and dyke. It also acts as advisor to the Department and Municipal People’s Committee in documents issuance in terms of dyke management.

Inspection should be conducted frequently to check dyke system, embankments, culverts, and river banks to detect and report problems and propose solutions timely. Specialized sections and the Dyke Management Section cooperate with Sections of Economy of districts and towns, to conduct examination, and prepare reports on dyke assessment before flood to identify critical and key places at riskApart from preventing and punishing violations of dyke protection law, the city takes action to consolidate dykes and ensure their safety for flood control. Five critical places are handled, including Sen Chieu dyke, Co Do embankment, Gia Thuong, Thanh Am and Tinh Quang embarkment on the right bank of Duong river, Dong Vien embankment, Tan Hung and Cam Ha dykes on the right bank of Cau river.

Especially dangerous cases of landslide are handled, and dyke system in many areas are successfully protected, such as dykes in Ngoc Thuy, Ngoc Lam and Bo De (Long Bien district), Yen Vien, Le Chi and Bat Trang (Gia Lam district), Khanh Thuong, Minh Quang, Phong Van, Minh Chau (Ba Vi district), Tho An, Hong Ha and Lien Tri (Dan Phuong district), Chuong Duong, Bach Dang (Hoan Kiem and Hai Ba Trung districts), Ninh So and Chuong Duong (Thuong Tin district), and Dai Gia (Phu Xuyen district).

Comprehensive missions and solutions

Due to effect of climate changes, natural disasters become more and more complicated. In an effort to protect the dykes effectively, the Hanoi subdepartment of Dyke Management and Flooding, Storm Prevention and Control will take further missions and solutions comprehensively. The authority will build natural disaster prevention and control plan annually; review, assess and classify flood, storm prevention and control supplies; act as advisor to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and Municipal People’s Committee in releasing instruction, decisions on natural disaster prevention and control; cooperate with the Municipal Party Committee’s Commission of Communication and Education and news agencies to make public the Law on Natural Disaster Prevention and Control, Law on Dyke.

Furthermore, the Sub-department will urge localities and sectors to proactively prepare their own disaster prevention plans and approve them; coordinate with related agencies to implement project on community-based natural disaster risk management; collect and manage the Fund for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control of Hanoi; supervise storms, tropical depressions, provide latest news and report as stipulated.

Hanoi Sub-department of Dyke Management and Flooding, Storm Prevention and Control will check and assess the classification of natural disaster prevention supplies before flood annually; prepare map of supplies and critical points, as well as plan of dyke protection; build plan to check natural disaster prevention and control in districts and towns. In terms of dyke management, it will closely supervise problems of construction works, detect and records violations, and cooperate with localities to handle them; review, check and respond to landslide, dyke problems to ensure safety and flood prevention and control.

With comprehensive measures, Hanoi Sub-department of Dyke Management and Flooding, Storm Prevention and Control will contribute to minimizing losses due to natural disasters in the city.

By Mai Phuong

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