Hanoi ensures public order, traffic safety and urban civilization (21:51 28/03/2019)

HNP - The Hanoi Steering Committee 197 has recently issued Report No. 03/BC-BCD197 on summing up the peak period for ensuring traffic safety, urban order and public security on the occasion of Lunar New Year 2019.

Accordingly, Steering Committees of districts, wards citywide made plans to strictly execute Plan No. 02/KH-BCD197 of the Municipal Steering Committee. Meanwhile, functional forces in collaboration with interdisciplinary teams inspected and handled infractions in the city. Thus, the city gained achievements in traffic safety, urban order and public security. The number of traffic accidents decreased in terms of the number of cases, fatalities and injured victims. 
To keep traffic safety and order, urban order and public security, the Municipal Steering Committee suggested the Municipal People’s Committee realize key tasks, including: implementing “the year of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the political system” scheme associated with tasks of the Steering Committee 197 in an effort to draw the participation of the entire political system in addressing infractions; increasing the responsibility of setting examples of cadres, civil servants and Party members. 
The Municipal People’s Committee keeps assigning Steering Committee, departments and relevant sectors to execute projects and plans to maintain urban order, enforce construction regulations and urban civilization; review issues of traffic safety, urban order and fire prevention and fighting to set up a roadmap on drastically handle violations. 
The Steering Committee also recommended the Municipal People’s Committee to speed up traffic - urban infrastructure projects while requesting all levels and sectors to participate in the tasks; enhance inspections of all-level People’s Committees, and give remuneration to people on duty, among others.

By Tran Huong

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