Ha Noi to seize Fourth Industrial Revolution's opportunities for craft village development (22:16 07/01/2019)

HNP - Originated from developed countries, the Fourth Industrial Revolution has become a trend worldwide, and affected countries and enterprises in every field. To ensure the sustainable development of Ha Noi craft villages, the city’s managing agencies and occupational villages shall take action to seize the opportunities.

Craft villages should apply new technology in production for better products.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution with its significant effect has given lots of opportunities to the international economy. As part of the economy, the craft villages also have their own changes for further development.

According to Director of the Ha Noi Department of Industry and Trade Le Hong Thang, the development of cyber world and smart devices like smart phones and tables has expended the market. In the past, craft villages tended to rely on fairs or state agencies to find partners; now customers can find handicraft items easily on Internet. Handicraft enterprises can easily seek for partners on Internet forums, understand customers’ demand with global digital data analysis, and offer the most suitable products for the customers even when they have not requested yet.


Furthermore, protection of intellectual property rights helps the craft villages to build their brand; new technology will support the export of new products. Food items is one of significant products of many craft villages in Ha Noi. However, they are facing difficulties to export this kind of products due to troubles in preservation and food safety. Thanks to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, bio-technology is expected to help food suppliers preserve their products safely and maintain the taste as much as possible. The new technology will contribute to bringing Vietnamese food products to international consumers.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution brings not only opportunities but also challenges; if state authorities and occupational villages do not improve their management method, production and business, they will fail to seize the opportunities and to reach the highest efficiency. Le Hong Thang emphasizes that the authorities and occupational villages shall increase popularization, guidance and training in the villages, focusing on trend and affect of the Revolution.

Technology will develop rapidly, which forces the authorities and villages to change and catch up with the trend; otherwise, they will lose the market. Therefore, the State shall create the most favorable conditions for villages, help them in accessing technology and changing the production and trading of goods. State agencies shall fulfill their task, support the villages in seeking for new markets; this is the most important issue after production. With its tools and resources, the State should take action to promote exchanges between foreign business and domestic craft enterprises, thus expanding the market and increasing the power of National Brands.

Apart from support of the state agencies, action of the villages is required. The villages shall be fully aware of trend and effect of the Revolution on their operation, and how the new context has been affecting their markets, and prepare themselves for the changes. They shall realize their strength and promote it, and proactively learn new knowledge, overcome shortcomings, enhance brands, and improve their products.  That will help them meet increasing demand of the market and assert the advantage of handicraft items.

Furthermore, enterprises shall proacitvely seek for new markets and customers with technology platform, optimize technology to analyze customers’ data and create the products that suit their demand.

By Mai Phuong

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