Ha Noi Police Department focuses on fulfilling missions (13:37 07/12/2018)

HNP - Lieutenant General To Lam, Politburo member and Minister of Public Security presided over a working session with the Ha Noi Department of Police on December 4th, focusing on checking performance in 2018.

Lieutenant General To Lam, Minister of Public Security makes conclusion at the session

In attendance were Politburo member and Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Hoang Trung Hai, and leaders of the Ministry of Public Security and Ha Noi.


According to Major General Doan Duy Khuong, Director of the Municipal Department of Police, in 2018, the Department has increased effort to ensure social order and safety; synchronously and comprehensively taken many solutions to prevent crimes. After all, the number of criminal offenses reduced by 493 cases, (down 11%) compared to the same period last year; 98.8% of serious crimes were detected.


Addressing the event, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Hoang Trung Hai expressed his thanks to the Ministry of Public Security for its attention and assistance to the Ha Noi Department of Police.

He said that with more effort and determination of all levels, agencies, economic sectors and local people as well as significant contributions of police forces, Ha Noi continued gaining remarkable and comprehensive achievements in all fields.

“Police forces have proactively made plans and offered solutions to overcome difficulties, challenges; make more effort to fulfill missions, namely maintaining political security and stability, social order and safety, and protecting people’s peaceful lives”, the Secretary added.

The Police Department has also recommended the Municipal Party Committee and People’s Committee to issue directives, resolutions to ensure security in the area while serving as an advisor in settling concerned issues.

Moreover, the Department of Police has strengthened the fight against conspiracies, "peaceful evolution" activities of hostile forces; ensured absolute safety for goals, key areas, political events and external activities in the city.


Secretary of the Ha Noi Party Committee Hoang Trung Hai speaks at the session.


Secretary Hoang Trung Hai applauded efforts of police forces in combating crimes and social evils and noting that in the coming time, the Police Department should make plans and take solutions to remove shortcomings and weaknesses as well as build a strong police force.


Making conclusion at the session, Lieutenant General To Lam highly appreciated the Department’s strict performance of policies, directions of the Party, the State, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ha Noi Party Committee and People’s Committee on  maintaining pubic security, order, and building police force.


In the coming time, to continue ensuring public security and order in the city, Minister To Lam requested the Municipal Police Department to popularize and strictly carry out directions of Party organizations and authorities at all levels; focus on building the Party and professional police forces; bring into full play the exemplary role in implementing Regulation No.08 dated October 25th, 2018 of the Party Central Committee on the responsibility for setting examples of officials, Party members; drastically take more solutions to prevent crimes, etc.


He stressed that the Police Department needs to proactively amend and complete regulations, processes in line with the reality so as to deal with complicated issues of public security and order at grassroots; enhance the management of public security and order in the city; launch peak campaigns to combat crimes on upcoming Tet holiday 2019; urge officials, soldiers to fulfill all assigned missions, etc.

By Tran Huong

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