Tightening control over vehicles to reduce traffic jam (21:46 30/11/2018)

HNP - After implementing Resolution No. 04/2017/NQ-HDND dated July 4, 2017 of the Ha Noi People’s Council on approving project on tightening control over vehicles in order to reduce traffic jam and environmental pollution in the 2017-2020 period and vision to 2030, so far, many policies and mechanisms have been reviewed and supplemented.

Since the project was approved, the Municipal People’s Committee has increased leadership, requested city’s authorities, districts and related units to realize the project strictly; implemented working programs of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal People’s Council on transport, including Program No. 06-CTr/TU dated June 29, 2016 of the Municipal Party Committee on comprehensively developing and step-by-step modernizing the infrastructure of urban areas, increasing management of construction order, land, environment to build civilized and modern urban areas and Resolution No. 06/2015/NQ-HDND dated December 1, 2015 of the Municipal People’s Council on the target program to minimize traffic congestion and ensure traffic safety in the city.

Thanks to the effort, traffic jam has been eased gradually. The number of traffic congestion places is reduced from 41 (2016) to 37 (2017), and 31 (2018). Public transport service is developed, and quality is improved significantly. The city launches nine new bus routes in 2018, and expects to open six more routes by the end of the year.


The network of buses reaches 453 among 584 communes, wards and townships (accounting for 78%), 66 of 71 hospitals (93%), 296 of 708 high schools (42%), 32 of 37 industrial zones (86%), and 82 of 85 new urban areas (96%). By October 2018, the city puts 139 new buses into operation, and expects to use 100 other new vehicles by the end of the year. Modern technology is applied in management and operation comprehensively. All buses are equipped with GPS tracking devices. Since October 10, smart ticket has been applied for Bus Rapid Transit service (BRT) line 1. By the end of 2018, it is expected that public transport service will serve 805 million of passengers, and meet 14.19% of the people’s demand. 58.6% of passengers change their habit and use BRT instead of personal vehicles.

Furthermore, traffic infrastructure has been improved efficiently. In the period of 2017 to 2018, 291 traffic works have been built, including 11 bridges and 280 roads. Traffic flow is re-arranged at 62 intersections. Effort is taken regularly to maintain traffic infrastructure; modern technology is applied to ensure traffic safety in every situation. The Ha Noi People’s Committee gives instruction and orientation to gradually replace buses with electric ones, use modern buses with smart ticket, and apply smart management of buses according to Announcement No. 923/TB-UBND dated September 26, 2018; reviews, amends and releases policies and mechanisms to subsidize public transport service under Decision No. 5880/QD-UBND dated October 30, 2018. The review,  rearrangement  of the bus routes must be taken regularly and frequently in association with the annual plan.

In 2019, the Municipal People’s Committee will further enhance leadership, request city’s authorities to perform their on-going projects in the 2017-2018 period as well as new tasks in 2019. Accordingly, they shall cooperate with the Ministry of Transport to perform following tasks:

- Proposing regulation on technical and emission standards for motorbikes in order to control quality of the motorbikes; building a plan to develop public transport vehicles in Ha Noi;

- Continuing effort to build smart traffic project in the framework of the smart city project, focusing on following tasks: building a database of traffic transport, vehicles and software to serve smart traffic management and operation, arranging traffic flow and handling violations; completing online digital map to serve traffic management and operation, and applying information technology in managing, using parking lots; studying and applying terminals to ensure effective smart traffic connection among managing agencies, enterprises, and the people;

- Developing projects of charging fee for vehicles entering certain areas of Ha Noi which are prone to traffic jam and environmental pollution in order to minimize the number of vehicles; reviewing and arranging stations/transit points to connect public transport vehicles, static traffic points with personal vehicles; suggesting environmental pollution surcharges according to the level of emission from road vehicles through vehicle registration;

- Cooperating with the Ministry of Transport to research and suggest regulation on road traffic safety and environmental pollution for road vehicles, thus having measures to deal with the motorbikes which fail to meet technical and environmental requirements; listing the quantity of vehicles by year of production, and suggesting measures to handle those which fail to meet technical and environmental requirements.

By Mai Phuong

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