Significant change in construction order management in Ha Noi (22:43 26/09/2018)

HNP - Over the past eight months of 2018, Ha Noi authorities has conducted inspection and checked all construction works. The number of violation decreased over 51% against the same period last  year; over 82% of them were handled thoroughly.

Online conference - Ha Noi venue

This is the Ha Noi People’s Committee’s review of performance to overcome shortcomings and problems, improve planning efficiency and management, and tighten discipline in construction order in the city. It was given at the online conference between Standing Commissions of Municipal Party Committee, People’s Council and People’s Committee with leaders of districts and towns on September 24.

The number of construction order violation decreases sharply

According to report of the Official Section of Municipal People’s Committee presented by Director of Department of Construction Le Van Duc, the Municipal People’s Committee released Plan No. 125/KH-UBND on handling shortcomings and problems, increasing efficiency in planning and management, tightening discipline in construction order management. The plan was given on the basis of instruction of Standing Commission of Municipal Party Committee and resolutions of Official Section of Municipal People’s Committee.

After one year of implementation, the bodies take comprehensive measures, proactively build their own plans, assign tasks to subordinate departments and units, and increase sense of responsibilities of district-level and commune-level authorities to detect, prevent and handle violations. As a result, there are significant progress in handling construction violations, in particular the unresolved cases.

In 2017, districts’ and towns’ inspectorates checked all new construction works (17,422 works), and detected violations in 1,916 works, accounting for 11%. The number of violation is decreased 2% against the same period last year.

People’s Committees at commune level and suburban district level solved 1,517 works of violation (coercive measure required in 366 cases), and issued additional licenses/ amended licenses for 254 cases. Currently, there are 57 unresolved cases to be processed. People’s Committees of districts and towns granted 1,740 decision on punishment for administrative violation, with total  fine of over VND 12.2 billion.

In eight months, construction order management teams of the districts and towns checked all construction works in the area, and recorded 824 cases of violation, making up 5.39% of total buildings and reducing 51.27% against the same period last year. Remarkably, 287 unlicensed buildings were detected, a sharp decrease (55.57%) in comparison to the same period 2017; 308 cases of construction in agricultural land, a year-on-year reduction of 55.81%.

The People’s Committees at commune level and suburban district level handled 680 out of 824 violation cases, accounting for 82.52%, and issued 1,086 decisions on punishment for administrative violations with total fine over VND 6.7 billion. Other 144 cases are being processed.

Regarding thin and distorted houses, by the end of April, the authorities solved 12 cases, approved architectural facade combination with nearby constructions/ or issued conditional license for 88 cases without affecting urban landscape. They are taking further action to withdraw public purpose of 32 unqualified construction works. For the 552 thin and distorted houses founded after implementation of traffic projects since 2013, so far Ha Noi has handled 493 of them, and strives to complete other 59 cases in 2018.

Severe punishment for violations of officials

According to the report, the Municipal People’s Committee urged Department of Construction of the same level and People’s Committees of districts and towns to enhance performance of inspection teams and inspectors who are irresponsible, in charge of infractions, or support the criminals or cover up crimes. This is part of efforts to enhance officials’ sense of responsibilities in management order.

Ha Noi detected and applied punishment for 89 officials and civil servants in construction inspection teams, including criticism for 65 cases, warning/ or change of work position for 14 cases, temporal suspension of work for 3 cases, demotation for 2 cases, and dismissal for 5 cases. It helped reducing violations significantly.

The leaders of Municipal People’s Committee pointed out that there are still complicated changes in violation of construction order. Further infractions are likely to happen, yet the role of local authorities, especially in communes, wards and towns are limited; they fail to fulfill their functions and missions according to regulations. As a result, state management is limited; some districts, suburban districts, communes, wards and towns are not determined to handle the infraction, or even cover up the crimes and violate regulations intentionally.

According to Municipal People’s Committee’s request, Chairpeople of People’s Committees of districts and towns shall urge authorities, increase inspection and control over construction, detect and handle violations promptly once they occur, deter further infraction, and consider responsibilities of organizations/ individuals who allow the infraction.

Furthermore, popularization shall be promoted in order to encourage people to comply with legal regulation of construction, contribute to raising state management and minimizing violation. Construction management order teams shall improve their qualification, conduct examination, and act as advisor to suggest punishment for violations.

By Mai Phuong

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