Survey on using anti-biotic in animal husbandry (21:26 11/10/2017)

HNP - In an effort to increase food safety and meet consumers’ demand, the municipal Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has recently implemented a plan to launch survey on the use of anti-biotic in Ha Noi animal husbandry in 2018.

According to Vice Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyen Huy Dang, bovine meat production of Ha Noi totals around 10,900 tons, pork 334,000 tons, poultry over 82,000 tons, and fresh milk 37,600 ton; eggs production totals over 1.4 billion. The sharp growth of animal husbandry leads to increasing use of antibiotics. Various kinds of antibiotics are offered in the market, and breeders face difficulties to select the proper one.

Furthermore, poultry and livestock are easily affected by the hot climate, rain and weather change; one of the most common solutions for the breeders is using antibiotics. Antibiotics are considered an important medicine in animal husbandry. The overuse or illegal use of antibiotics causes residues in food, affects health of consumers, makes negative effect on the environment, and creates favorable conditions for bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics.

The residues of antibiotics also affect fermentation technology, food processing technology and food safety. When consuming animal products, people without expertise can hardly recognize residues of antibiotics in the food.

For the safe meat products, animal husbandry must be processed according to regulation; antibiotics must be used as recommended by producers, and no residue of antibiotics in goods.

Considering the situation, municipal Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has recently launched the plan to survey the use of anti-biotic in animal husbandry in Ha Noi in 2018. Accordingly, specialized unit of the Department will collect samples in 23 districts, suburban districts and towns, and analyze criteria of anti-biotics to increase state management in husbandy and animal health. 

By Mai Phuong

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