City to improve quality of making and issuing legal documents (18:33 12/09/2017)

HNP - The Prime Minister has recently signed Official Letter No. 1362/TTg-PL to ministries, ministerial level agencies and Chairpeople of People’s Committees of cities and provinces under the Central Government, requesting more effort to improve the process of making and issuing legal documents.

According to instruction of the Prime Minister, the making and issuance of legal documents must be implemented in association with review, assessment, consideration, planning of supplement, amendment or elimination of regulations in relevant legal documents; it will contribute to timely eradicating backward, overlapping, improper and indistinct regulations, ensuring comprehensiveness as well as consistency, and gradually simplifying and modernizing the law system to meet demand in the process of reform, development and integration.

Chairpeople of People’s Committees of cities, provinces under the Central Government are in charge of performing following tasks:

- Instructing specialized agencies and relevant units to strictly carry out regulations of the 2015 Law and Decree No. 34/2016/ND-CP in building, issuing legal documents in localities;  

- Increasing examination, enhancing disciplines in building and issuing legal documents, and timely punishing violations, in particular pointing out responsibility of leaders of agencies in charge of compiling and verification, if the documents do not meet requirements of quality, progress, constitutionality, legitimacy and consistency with the legal system; pointing out responsibility of agencies, units and individuals that act as advisor in building and issuing the documents;

- Mobilizing resources and timely allocating sufficient capitals for building and issuing legal documents in the localities.

By Mai Phuong

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