City increases leadership of the Party for public security (15:37 16/07/2017)

HNP - Over the past five years, the Municipal Party Committee has proactively implemented Directive 09-CT/TW dated December 1, 2011 of the Secretariat of the Central Committee Communist Party on increasing the Party’s leadership for movement “All people join hands to protect national security in the new context”, maintaining political security, social order and safety in Ha Noi.

Accordingly, the Municipal Party Committee and People’s Committee direct Party units at all levels, departments, agencies, sectors and localities to take following actions:  
- Issue directives, resolutions, programs and plans on national security, social order and safety in units and localities; build concrete programs and projects to launch movement “All people join hands to protect national security in the new context”, which specify responsibilities and tasks of each sector, agency and union as well as cooperation between member units; comprehensively take measures to launch the movement;
- Integrate political security, crime prevention and control, people’s national security protection movement with implementation of socio-economic development tasks as well as political tasks of each unit and locality; it is considered key task of the Party units and governments at all levels from city to grassroots.

The Municipal People’s Committee consolidates and improves performance of the Steering Committee 94, Steering Committee for Religious Affairs, Steering Committee 138, Steering Committee 197 and Steering Committee for HID/AIDS, drugs and prostitution prevention and control; enhances movement “All people join hands to protect national security in the new context” at all levels in the city to wards, towns and communes; enhances the contingent of supporters and advisors for the steering committees at all levels, assigns specialized officials for supervision, and conducts training for the supporters and advisors.

Party units at all levels give instruction; direct units and localities to enhance implementation of the national security movement, call on people to proactively join hands, deter violation and report crimes as well as legal violations of the ones who cause public disorder; increase sense of wariness to fight hostile forces.

Ha Noi also aims to improve effectiveness of national security movements, call for investment of the private sector, launch the movements in different ways, build modern, exemplary models for further application in the city. So far, Ha Noi has 10,546 people’s organizations with 135,716 members; 7,288 of them operate effectively and receive support of the people, such as Crime Prevention Club and Social Volunteer Team which contribute significantly to political security, social order and safety.

In an effort to promote success of Directive 09-CT/TW, the Municipal Party Committee and People’s Committee will give more directives and plans to increase the fight against crimes, strengthen discipline in land use and management, handle violations and deter further infractions in the field of land, encroachment upon public land and agricultural land. They will also take urgent measures to ease traffic jam, tackle shortcomings and problems, and enhance implementation of conclusion after inspection and audit.

The Party Committee and People’s Committee will improve their apparatus and contingents of officers responsible for the national security movement; increase examination, and urge subordinate units to implement Directive 09, assess the leadership, learn from experiences and suggest measures in the new context; perform the task of emulation and commendation, and further apply modern models to promote the movement in localities.

In the next five years, Ha Noi Party Committee will further enhance popularization and education of law, prevention and fight against crimes and social problems, and encourage people to comply with policies of the Party and the State.

By Mai Phuong

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