Authorities to promote cooperation for anti-smuggling (15:48 14/07/2017)

HNP - The Ha Noi Steering Committee 389 organized conference on July 11 to sum up the fight against smuggling, commercial fraud and fakes in the first half and perform tasks for the second half of 2017. Vice Chairman of the Municipal People’s Committee and Head of Ha Noi Steering Committee 389 Le Hong Son presided over the meeting.

Vice Chairman of the Municipal People’s Committee Le Hong Son speaks at the conference, Ha Noi, July 11..

Ha Noi always considers prevention and control of smuggling, commercial fraud and fake as the key task; therefore, the Municipal Steering Committee 389 and local Steering Committees 389 of districts and towns strictly implement instruction of the Government, National Steering Committee 389 and people’s Committee on fighting smuggling, commercial fraud and fake products. Information work and popularization of law are strengthened; people are encouraged to sign commitment; trade and business facilities are requested to comply with legal regulations.

The Municipal Steering Committee 389 also suggests policies and comprehensive measures to increase the fight against smuggling, commercial fraud and counterfeit products; urges authorities to increase cooperation, inspection and control, and severe punishment for violation of food safety; conducts popularization of law regularly, thus contributing to stabilizing the economy, political security, social order and safety.

In the first six months of 2017, the Ha Noi Police Department checked 1,323 cases, handled 1,313 of them, collected nearly VND 50 billion administrative fine and around VND 265 billion tax arrears. The Market Surveillance Branch checked 5,018 cases, handled 4,697 of them and collected around VND 29 billion administrative fine. The Ha Noi Customs Department detected and handled 460 cases, and collected around VND 29 billion administrative fine. The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development inspected and examined 339 organizations and individuals dealing with production and trade of plant protection, agro - forestry - fishery and food safety; 121 organizations and individuals were fined over VND 1 billion. The Department of Health inspected and examined 3,321 facilities, handled 817 cases and fined over VND 5,322 million. The Department of Tax inspected and examined 8,118 enterprises, handled 4,641 cases of violation, collected over VND 307 billion administrative fine and over VND 904 billion tax arrears.

Despite of the effort, Ha Noi still witnesses transport and trade of banned, smuggled product, production and trade of counterfeits, and violations of food safety. The banned, smuggled products are transported by gangs from border provinces to Ha Noi, in particular prime and commonly consumed commodities such as tobacco, alcohol, fruits, farm products, clothes, electronics, technology products, cosmetics, functional foods, food and poultry.

Fakes and goods infringing intellectual property rights are manufactured in Viet Nam or abroad, then brought into Viet Nam in different ways, particularly consumer goods, electronics, clothing, footwear, bags, food, cosmetics and sports equipment. Furthermore, there are still illegal production and trade of substandard chemicals, fertilizers, agriculture supplies and food additives, and use of banned substances in processing, preservation and animal husbandry; it has potential risks and negative effect on consumers’ health.

According to Le Hong Son, Vice Chairman of the Municipal People’s Committee and Head of Ha Noi Steering Committee 389, consumption demand tends to increase sharply in the last months of the year, especially Mid-autumn Festival, New Year’s Eve and Lunar New Year; as a result, smuggling, trade of banned goods, production and trade of fake, low-quality and unsafe goods will increase. H urged member authorities of the Steering Committees to realize instruction of the Government, National Steering Committee 389 and Municipal People’s Committee for stable development of the market, social protection and legislative rights of economic sectors as well as consumers.

Furthermore, inspection and examination must be enhanced, focusing on key commodities like pharmaceuticals, functional foods, cosmetics, agricultural supplies, wines, tobacco, electronics, petrol, liquefied petroleum gas, and prime products for Lunar New Year; authorities promote comprehensive coordination, proactively provide information and suggest inspection.

By Mai Phuong

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