Peak campaigns to be launched to fight illegal sand and gravel exploitation (16:53 29/03/2017)

HNP - The Government’s Office released Announcement 161/TB-VPCP dated March 24, expressing conclusion of Permanent Vice Prime Minister and Head of Steering Committee 138/CP Truong Hoa Binh at conference on preventing and controlling legal violations in sand and gravel exploitation.

In order to combat illegal sand and gravel exploitation, Permanent Vice Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh urges localities to direct implementation of current legal regulations and guidance documents of the Government, focusing on key tasks as following.

Ministry of Transport prepares documents on stipulating management of sand and gravel in riverbed in harmony with planning and licensing of sand exploitation, and assigns focal points in localities in accordance with guidance. The Ministry temporally stops licensing salty sand exploitation projects invested by private sector, while increasing inspection, tightening control over on-going projects, detecting violations and handling them severely.

Ministry of Public Security enhances performance, launches peak campaigns to combat crimes in sand and gravel exploitation, opens projects to fight illegal activities in sand, gravel exploitation, transport and consumption, and considers criminal prosecution for burning cases to deter further infractions.

The People’s Committees of cities and provinces under the Central Government review, conduct survey on exploitation of sand in riverbed and suggest amendment of planning schemes on sand, gravel storage sites and building material exploitation, hence keeping close management of natural resources. Control is tightened over sand and gravel exploitation in adjoining areas of cities. Party units and governments at grass roots level increase awareness and sense of responsibility for preventing further infractions. Leaders of the units will be punished severely, if prolonged cases of violation occur in the areas under their management; if Party members or officials are detected to join hands with violators or cover violations, they will be punished severely according to regulations of the Party and the law.

Coordination Regulation must be built promptly, focusing on coordination and information exchange among specialized forces like border guard, environmental police, water traffic police, inspectorate and local authorities to detect and handle infractions in sand and gravel exploitation. Accordingly, suburban district's government is liable for violations occurring in adjoining areas at commune level; government at provincial level take responsibility for violations in adjoining areas at suburban district level. If infraction occurs in adjoining area of cities and provinces under the Central Government, authorities cooperate to handle it. If violator is caught in the act, authorities and local governments make record and mobilize forces to handle the case. Violation reported in newspapers must be handled promptly; infractions must be punished severely according to the law.

By Mai Phuong

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