Conferenced held to realize Politburo’s resolution on development of Hanoi (14:05 23/06/2022)

HNP - On June 22, The Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee’s Secretariat held a conference discussing the implementation of resolution No.15-NQ/TW dated May 5,2022 on the vision and objectives for Hanoi’s development until 2030, with a vision to 2045.  

At the conference, Member of the Politburo and Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee Dinh Tien Dung noted during phases of development, the Politburo has considered Hanoi a political-administrative-economic-cultural-educational and technological hub of the country.

Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee Dinh Tien Dung

A new change in this resolution is to identify the Hanoi vision for development up to 2030, with a vision for 2045, whereas in previous resolutions, visions were set for only a 10-year period.

“This showcased the special attention from the Party Central Committee, the Politburo, and other Government agencies for the development of Hanoi,” Dung said.

According to Dung, Hanoi is set to become a modern, civilized and cultural city by 2030, serving as the growth engine for the Red river delta, the Northern key economic zone, and the whole country.

In addition, Hanoi would be further integrated into the world with high competitiveness. In this regard, the GRDP growth of Hanoi in the 2021-2025 period would be higher than the national average; GRDP of the 2026-2030 period to expand by 8-8.5%; and GRDP per capita to increase to US$12,000-13,000.

By 2045, Hanoi envisions to be a global city with high living standards with GRDP per capita of over US$36,000.

To realize these goals, Hanoi is set to continue the process of economic restructuring in line with revising the growth model. Science, high technologies and innovation should be the key factors for Hanoi to achieve prosperity; while the local authorities should finalize legal frameworks to support the city’s development.

For the resolution No.15 to be put into practice, Dung called for each units, agencies and localities to draft an action plan in realizing key objectives for Hanoi’s development.

At the conference, delegates  shared the view that the resolution is not only significant to the development of Hanoi, but also for the entire capital  area, the Red river delta, and the Northern key economic zone.

Leaders of Government agencies and provinces/cities expressed their expectation for the Capital Law to  be soonrevised, considering the move as a key step to legalize the resolution No.15 and create the right environment for Hanoi to move forward.

By Hai Nam

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