Hanoi opens training course for senior officials (20:04 11/08/2022)

HNP - On August 11, at Le Hong Phong Staff Training School, the Standing Board of the Hanoi Party Committee held the opening ceremony of a training course to update knowledge for officials under the management of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party Committee in 2022.  

At the opening ceremony, Standing Deputy Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee Nguyen Thi Tuyen said that the training course is aimed at updating knowledge for officials under the management of the Standing Committee of the Hanoi Party Committee in 2022. This is the second class out of a total of 3 training classes held by the City Party Committee in August 2022, including 236 trainees.

Emphasizing President Ho Chi Minh's profound views on the training and retraining of staff, Tuyen said that the Party has always paid attention to training and fostering cadres, and consider such an activity as an important, regular and continuous job.

Fully comprehending in Uncle Ho's teachings, the Hanoi Party Committee has often paid attention to directing and renovating the training and fostering of cadres. In different periods and stages, based on practical requirements, Hanoi has actively conducted training and retraining of staff with many radical, breakthrough and innovative solutions to ensure suitability for practical requirements.

According to Tuyen, right from the beginning of the 2020-2025 term, The 17th Hanoi Party Committee issued a thematic resolution on personnel work to ensure greater efficiency and quality in training and retraining for staff for the period 2022-2025; focusing on directing strong innovation, further improving the quality of staff training and retraining in the spirit of Resolution No. 26-NQ/TW of the Central Committee and Resolution No. 04-NQ/TU of the Hanoi Party Committee.

Tuyen noted that the training course was held when the Politburo had just issued and organized to thoroughly understand and implement Resolution No. 15-NQ/TW, dated May 5, 2022, stipulating visions and tasks of developing Hanoi to 2030, vision to 2045. The resolution emphasizes the requirement of "Focusing on building a contingent of cadres, especially those in managerial positions at all levels who are capable, highly qualified, professional, have bravery and moral qualities, good virtue, exemplary, dynamic, creative, dare to think, dare to do, dare to take responsibility, have the will to rise up, aspiration to contribute to the development of the Capital".

Tuyen suggested participants to be aware of their responsibilities and participate in actively during the studying process; strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the school; promote initiative and self-discipline in learning, turning the learning process into a self-study and self-research process. In the learning process, it is necessary to pay attention to linking theory with practice, linking documents and books with vivid reality; actively exchange, share experiences, complement each other and help each other make progress, striving to complete the course with the highest results.

The Standing Deputy Secretary of the City Party Committee also hopes that the participants will apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the course into their work practice to perform well their assigned responsibilities and tasks.

Tuyen suggested that the Organizing Committee of the City Party Committee, the Class Management Board develop and organize the strict implementation of the rules and regulations of the class; direct, monitor, evaluate, and learn from experience to organize this class and the following classes better.

For Le Hong Phong  Cadre Training School, it is necessary create favorable conditions for participants in all aspects during the duration of the class.

According to the program, trainees participating in the training course will study 6 topics on: The socio-economic situation in the country, the world and the capital in 2022, forecast in the upcoming situation; step up the building and rectification of the Party and political system in the spirit of Conclusion 21 of the 13th Party Central Committee in association with studying and following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and style;  To comprehensively renew economic institutions with political institutions in the spirit of the Resolution of the 13th Congress; About culture in leadership, management and management culture in Hanoi capital today; National digital transformation process and local practice; The current situation of the world, the foreign policy and direction, and international integration of the Party and State.

By Hai Nam

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