Hanoi raises Covid-19 alert to high level (23:04 29/04/2021)

HNP - Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee Chu Ngoc Anh at a meeting on April 28 requested local authorities to step up efforts against the Covid-19 pandemic and raise the alert level.

During the meeting, the Hanoi’s mayor commended the efforts of departments and units in realizing political missions, and socio-economic development targets. 
Anh, however, urged the entire political system to stay alert against the pandemic, which should stand hand in hand with measures to boost economic growth and attract investment capital to aid growth. 
According to Anh, Hanoi aims to achieve or even overfulfill growth targets set for 2021, while ensuring the best preparation process for the upcoming election for deputies of the 15th National Assembly and all-level People’s Councils for the 2021-2026 tenure. 
Among measures to prevent the resurgence of Covid-19 pandemic, Anh expected stronger efforts to monitor people entering Hanoi and strict punishment for illegal immigrants; encourage people to refrain from  gathering en masse; wearing facemasks and using hand sanitizers at public places, among others. 
The Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee requested the city’s police and the Department of Transportation to set up checkpoints at major entrance points of Hanoi. 
Along with efforts to combat the pandemic, Anh requested the city to take drastic measures to ensure realizing socio-economic growth targets for the second quarter and remaining months of 2021. 
For long-term growth, Anh expected Hanoi to continue administrative reform and improve business environment, saying these are key steps to enhance Hanoi’s Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI). 

By Ngoc Lam



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