Hanoi continues to promote people-to-people diplomacy (11:00 16/07/2022)

HNP - On July 14, the Hanoi Union of Friendship Organizations held a meeting discussing people-to-people diplomacy performance in the first six months of 2022, and tasks for the remaining months of the year.  

Chairwoman of the Hanoi’s Vietnam Fatherland Front, and the City Union of Friendship Organizations Nguyen Lan Huong

Nguyen Lan Huong, who is Chairwoman of the Hanoi’s Vietnam Fatherland Front, and the City Union of Friendship Organizations noted as the country’s political, cultural, scientific, education and economic hub, Hanoi is  home to  foreign embassies, as well as the majority of international organizations.

With the motto "Active, flexible, creative and effective", the people-to-people diplomacy of Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular has actively contributed to maintaining a peaceful environment, expanding friendly relations, and promoting cooperation and mutual understanding between the Vietnamese people and international friends.

Over the years, the capital's people-to-people diplomacy has achieved a number of outstanding results, mainly through the activities of the Hanoi Union of Friendship Organizations in many aspects.

In the new situation, Huong said the people-to-people diplomacy works would have an increasingly important position in the foreign relations front in particular and in the cause of national construction and defense in general. Circular 05-TT/TU, dated May 23, 2022, of the Hanoi Party Committee emphasized that the 13th Party Congress has determined the focus on foreign affairs in the new situation, calling to build a comprehensive and modern diplomacy with three pillars: Party diplomacy, State diplomacy and people's diplomacy; Directive 12-CT/TW dated January 5, 2022 of the Secretariat of the Party Central Committee on "Strengthening the Party's leadership, improving the effectiveness of people-to-people diplomacy in the new situation" promptly set the new directions for the task, including improving the quality and efficiency of people-to-people diplomacy under the motto "proactive, flexible, creative and effective".

Therefore, it is necessary to promote people-to-people diplomacy; strengthen communication, external information, promote and introduce the capital to international friends, she noted.

In order to promote the achieved results and overcome the remaining limitations in people-to-people diplomacy works, Huong said the Union should ensure a number of key requirements. Firstly, to develop the pillars of people-to-people diplomacy synchronously, on par with tasks and in alignment with the pillars of Party and State diplomacy in building a comprehensive diplomacy. Second, the development of people-to-people diplomacy is closely linked with the socio-economic development tasks of Hanoi. Third, to develop people's foreign relations on the basis of promoting the cultural tradition of the thousand-year-old capital. Fourth, developing the capital people's diplomacy directly contributes to enhancing the national image and enhancing the soft power of the capital and the country.

Delivering a preliminary report on people-to-people diplomacy, Vice President of the Hanoi Union of Friendship Organizations Tran Thi Phuong said that in the first 6 months of the year, the Hanoi Union of Friendship Organizations and other related associations have effectively implemented people-to-people diplomacy activities. In which, it helped maintain partnerships with embassies and international organizations at home and abroad, contributed to the development of the city's l foreign affairs.

According to Phuong, Hanoi’s people-to-people diplomacy activities have left a deep impression, contributing to introducing and widely promoting among international friends about the country's good image, Vietnamese people, and Hanoi.

Accordingly, the Hanoi Union of Friendship Organizations also coordinated to organize a series of activities related to the 31st SEA Games taking place in Hanoi such as the launching ceremony of "Hanoi counting down 31 days towards SEA Games 31", implementing a civilized lifestyle, decorating and cleaning the city's environment; Olympic Running Day for the People's Health; coordinating with the Hanoi Youth Union to organize the Southeast Asian Youth Festival to welcome the 31st SEA Games.

By Hai Nam

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