Hanoi Labor Federation meets Laos counterpart (10:26 18/07/2022)

HNP - On July 16, a delegation of the Lao Labor Union had a working session with the Hanoi Labor Federation to exchange experiences in promoting the development of labor unions, thereby contributing to greater efficiency in the operation of the organization.  

At the meeting, Standing Vice President of Hanoi Federation of Labor Dang Thi Phuong Hoa briefed the delegation on the socio-economic situation of the capital and the operation of the city’s labor federation.

Accordingly, in the first 6 months of 2022, the movement of workers, officials, labor and activities of the federation has achieved many important results. The capital Trade Union organization has promoted innovative, creative, adaptive, flexible approach in leading and organization, thereby, contributing to raising awareness and responsibility of union members and employees in performing their duties. The capital trade union's efforts have been recognized by the Party committee, government, and professionals, and appreciated by enterprises.

The Standing Board of the City Labor Confederation has selected and promulgated 10 key activities and 10 key tasks of the Capital Labor Union in 2022 in association with the implementation of the Resolution of the Party Congresses at all levels and the deployment of the policy of “Taking care of jobs and life for workers; strive to achieve the highest  goals and tasks set at the Resolution of the 12th Congress of the Vietnam Labor Confederation, being true to the motto "Discipline, responsibility, action, creativity and development" of Hanoi.

Along with that, the City Federation of Labor continued to implement 4 pilot projects and 2 thematic resolutions of the Executive Board of the City Labor Confederation to carry out the main tasks of the Trade Union organization, and at the same time, performing the good representative function to protect legitimate rights and interests, take care of employees...

Notably, from 2018 to 2021, the City Labor Confederation has established 2,057/1,832 trade unions (reaching 112.28% of the plan with 144,997/118,940 members (reaching 121.9% of the plan). By 2022, the City Confederation of Labor established 306/750  union organizations (reaching 40.8% of the plan), admitting  24,396/47,855 new union members (reaching 50.98% of the plan).

Speaking at the conference, Ms. Pathoumthong Luangvilay expressed her joy and excitement when visiting and exchanging experiences with the Hanoi Federation of Labor. This is  the first time, the delegation invited the labor unions and ministries to exchange and learn experience on labor union work. Pathoumthong Luongvilay hoped that through the meeting, she would learn more experiences about the development of union membership, the establishment of the Communist Youth Union of the City Confederation of Labor, especially the method of developing union membership in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic and how to select the best members.

By Hai Nam

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