Hanoi Party Committee’s Standing Board agrees on six draft working programs (21:54 08/03/2021)

HNP - The Standing Board of the Hanoi Party Committee on March 6 discussed about draft versions of six working programs set for the entire tenure of the 17th municipal Party Committee.

The six action programs included the No.3 on “Urban economic development and renovation for the period of 2021 - 2025”; the No.4 on “Ensuring efficiency in the national program of building new-style rural areas in relation to agricultural restructuring and rural economic development in 2021 - 2025”; the No.5 on “Pushing for greater efficiency in planning and utilization of natural resources, environmental protection, as well as staying active in response to natural disaster and climate change in 2021 - 2025”; the No.6 on “Promoting culture and high-quality human resources, while building the image of elegant and civilized style of Hanoians in 2021 - 2025”; the No.7 on “Pushing for science, technology and innovation development in 2021 - 2025”; and the No.8 on “Expanding social welfare and living standards of the people in 2021 - 2025”. 


At the meeting, the Standing Board of the Hanoi Party Committee agreed on the draft versions  forwarding them to the municipal Party Executive Committee for   consideration and approval at the third session which is scheduled to take place on March 10.
Previously, the municipal Party Committee’s Standing Board also considered and approved the draft versions of four other working programs. 
They included the No.1 on “Enhancing the Party building process to ensure a strong and healthy development of the municipal Party Committee, and pushing for administrative reforms in the 2021-2025 period”; the No.02 on “Focusing on revising of the growth model, economic restructuring and global integration, with a view to improving productivity, efficiency and competitiveness of Hanoi’s economy towards rapid and sustainable development in 2021 - 2025”; the No.09 on “Enhancing defense capabilities and maintaining political stability and public order in 2021 - 2025”; and the No.10 on “Ensuring greater efficiency in the fight against corruption, promoting thrift practice and waste combat in 2021 - 2025.”
The Standing Board urged Steering Committees for ten action programs to collect feedback and perfect all draft versions before submitting them to the municipal Party Executive Committee for approval.
It is expected that in addition to passing the ten action programs set by the 17th municipal Party Committee at the upcoming session, the Hanoi Party Executive Committee will consider and approve the action program set for 2021 and other major contents.

By Tran Huong



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