Hanoi: Ten outstanding achievements in implementing Program No. 02-CTr/TU (21:51 23/09/2019)

HNP – Over the past ten years, Hanoi has focused on implementing the Program No. 02-CTr/TU on “Developing agriculture, building new style rural areas, improving farmers’ living standards”, and attained the notable achievements.

1. Rural areas have made positive changes. Agriculture has been developed in the direction of large-scale commodity production with the focus on both quality and efficiency. Farmers’ living standards have been improved constantly. 
2. The city has carried out communication campaigns to raise the awareness of cadres and people on building new style rural areas, and encourage them to join the effort. New style rural area building movements have been enhanced throughout the city, contributing to making changes in the city’s countrside. Hanoi has organized training courses for more than 85,000 professional staffs at all levels. Meanwhile, the city’s entities and district/township People’s Committees have disseminated the National Target Program on New Style Rural Area Building, and the Program 02 of the Municipal Party Committee. 
3. To date, six districts in Hanoi have been recognized as new style rural areas, which are Dan Phuong, Dong Anh, Thanh Tri, Hoai Duc, Gia Lam and Quoc Oai. As of June, 2019, 325 out of 386 communes of the city (accounting for 84.2%), also earned the title, fulfilling the targets set by the Program 02 two years ahead of scheduled. 
4. Hanoi has basically finished the agricultural land grouping and issuance of land use titles to households, creating optimal conditions for localities to fulfill new style rural area criteria and facilitate hi-tech agricultural development.      
5. Hanoi has successfully mobilized capital from organizations, enterprises, households and individuals for the new style rural area building program. Such contribution amounted to VND 14.7 trillion. For the period of 2010-2019, the city spent VND 76.45 trillion on agricultural and rural development. Especially, nearly VND 26 trillion from the local budget was allocated to  the task. 
6. Hanoi has also made greater gains in crop and animal restructuring, and building production – consumption chains. After agricultural land grouping, the added value of agricultural sector increases 3.34% per year on average. Many concentrated production areas have been established in the city.
7. Notably, Hanoi has paid attention to enhancing the application of high technologies in agricultural production. So far, the city has recorded a total of 133 hi-tech agricultural production models and 135 safe food chains from production to consumption. The value of farm produce accounts for 25% of the total value of agricultural production in Hanoi. 
8. Carrying out Program 02-CTr/TU of the Municipal Party Committee, the city has made more effort to fulfill new style rural criteria, which are the development of infrastructure, the improvement of production capacity, environmental protection, and the promotion of cultural values.
9. Hanoi has implemented a series of policies for poverty reduction. Thus, the rate of poor households had been brought down to 1.81% in 2018 from 3.65% in 2016.  Per capita income in Hanoi’s rural areas stood at over VND 47 million (roughly US$ 2,000) in June, 2019.
10. The cultural development associated with preservation and promotion of heritage values has drawn special attention. The system of cultural institutions has been gradually renovated, meeting people’s needs. The movement “All people unite to build cultural life” has been considered as a major content during the new style rural building.

By Tran Huong

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