Ten outstanding events of Hanoi in 2019 (16:47 02/01/2020)

HNP - The Hanoi Portal has selected the top 10 events of Hanoi in 2019. 

Nhat Tan Bridge.

1. The National Assembly (NA) adopted the resolution on a pilot project to organize build an urban administration model in Hanoi.



On November 27, at the 8th sitting, the NA passed a resolution on piloting the urban administration model in Hanoi (Resolution No.97/NQ-QH14). This is an important foundation for the capital city to continue improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the political system, streamlining the payroll, re-organizing the apparatus, and increasing the quality of state management in 177 wards across the districts and Son Tay provincial-level town in the area.


2. The work of building the Party and the political system of Hanoi attained many outstanding achievements. 


With the 2019 working theme “Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the political system”, the Municipal Party Committee continued enhancing the comprehensive implementation of the Party building work and regularly focusing on building a transparent and strong political system. 
Furthermore, the city has strengthened the campaign of studying and following President Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, ethics and style in association with the implementation of the Resolution No.4 of the 11th and 12th Party Central Committee. 
The Directive No.15-CT/TU on “strengthening the leadership of the Party committees at all levels in the reception of citizens and the settlement of complaints and denunciations in the city”, and Resolution No.15-NQ/TU on “building clean and strong Party grassroots organizations and consolidating weak Party committees; resolving complicated issues of political security, social order and safety in the communes, wards and towns of Hanoi” have been implemented drastically, creating social stability and consensus among the people to fulfill the political missions.
Besides, the city has also streamlined and consolidated the organizations and apparatus of the agencies under the political system in a streamlined, effective and efficient manner, with clearly defined functions and tasks.
Especially, the role of the Vietnam Fatherland Front and political - social organizations has been enhanced in building the unity bloc, consolidating the people’s trust and developing the capital city. 
3. Hanoi’s economy posted highest growth since the beginning of the term while the city took the lead in investment attraction throughout the country. 
The city’s gross regional domestic product (GRDP) in 2019 was estimated to increase by 7.62%. Budget collection revenue was estimated at VND264.7 trillion (over US$11.45 billion), meeting 100.6% of the plan. Investment and business environment has been improved remarkably. Development investment capital was estimated to grow 12.9% (higher than the plan of 10.5% - 11%). Notably, the year 2019 is the second consecutive year  Hanoi has led the country in attracting foreign investment, with a total of US$8.05 billion, the highest over the past 30 years.  
In 2019, the total number of visitors hit 28.945 million, up 10.1% year on year. Of the figure, 7.025 million are foreigners, up 17% year on year. Total revenue from tourism reached VND103.8 trillion, up 34% year on year. 
4. The city attained many important achievements after ten years of building new style rural areas.
PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc hands over a certificate recognizing Quoc Oai District as new style rural area.
After ten years of implementing the National Target Program on building new style rural areas and Program No. 02 of the Municipal Party Committee on developing agriculture, building new style rural areas and improving farmers’ living standards, Hanoi gained the positive results. 
So far,  six districts and 355 communes in Hanoi(or 91.9%), met  new-style rural standards, fulfilling the set target two years ahead of schedule. The value of agricultural production fetched VND259 million (over US$11,207) per hectares per year.
5. Foreign relations have been further strengthened and the city jointly organized the second DPRK-US Summit.
The city authorities visited and worked with more than 40 provinces and cities throughout the country to promote development cooperation in the spirit “Hanoi for the whole country, the country for Hanoi”. The relations between Hanoi and neighboring countries and important partners have been improved. The capital city signed 10 international agreements while hosting over 204 diplomatic delegations, leaders of international corporations and businesses.
Notably, Hanoi closely coordinated with central ministries and sectors to make good preparations to successfully fulfill its role as the host of the second DPRK-US Summit on February 27-28, 2019. The event left an impression of a city of peace, hospitality, dynamics, renovation and integration among international friends.
6. Hanoi became member of UNESCO Creative Cities Network.
On October 30, 2019, the UNESCO General Director signed a decision to recognize 66 cities around the world, including Hanoi, as new members of the organization’s Creative Cities Network. The event has created favorable conditions for the city to promote its image in all spheres of culture creativity. The reorganization is expected to help Hanoi become a creative capital in Southeast Asia and a destination of knowledge and creativity in the world.
7. The task of social security gained many outstanding achievements.
Hanoi fulfilled the target of poverty reduction two year earlier than the set goal for 2016-2020, while set up the  target of leaving no household in poverty”. In addition to the drastic instruction and implementation of solutions for poverty reduction, the  Municipal People’s Council issued Resolution No.04/2019/NQ-HDND dated July 8, 2019, regulating a number of specific policies on supporting those who are unable to escape from poverty and helping households that escaped the poverty stabilize their lives. 
In 2019, a total of 15,382 households in the city have escaped from poverty, reaching 433.5% of the plan. The rate of poor households in the end of 2019 reduced to 0.42%. Especially, nine districts no longer have  households  in poverty (according to the Government’s multi-dimensional poverty line).
8. The city’s education sector continued leading the country, and Hanoi hosted the International Mathematics and Science Olympiad for the first time. 
The city continued achieving high results in national and international competitions, winning 155 national awards (14 first, 47 second, 56 third and 38 consolation prizes) and 287 international prizes and medals (78 gold, 84 silver, 95 bronze medals and 30 consolation prizes).  
In 2019, Hanoi hosted the 16th International Mathematics and Science Olympiad (IMSO) for the first time. The IMSO is an annual maths and science contest in English for primary students around the world. This year’s competition drew the participation of more than 1,700 people from 24 countries and territories worldwide. The Vietnamese students brought home 15 gold, 14 silver and seven bronze medals.
9. Hanoi’s sports sector continued developing strongly, making significant contribution to the overall achievement of Vietnamese delegation at the 30th SEA Games.
At the 30th SEA Games, Vietnam won the second position on the event’s final medal tally, with 98 gold, 85 silver, and 105 bronze medals. Of the figure, Hanoi’s athletes contributed 34 gold (accounting for 34.69%), 27 silver and 25 bronze medals, exceeding the target of 30% of the total medals. That is a favorable premise for Hanoi, Vietnam to successfully host SEA Games 31 and Para Games 11 in 2021.
10. Political security and social order and safety were guaranteed, and the city successfully held an exercise on the defensive area.
Hanoi has made many positive changes in traffic order and safety and urban order. The task of fire prevention and fighting, and search and rescue activities have been enhanced. The city has firmly grasped the situation to prevent disturbance, terrorism and sabotage activities, while ensuring absolutely security for all key areas and important events in the area. 
Hanoi has left its image of a peaceful and friendly capital in the eyes of internal friends and people nationwide.
Hanoi also successfully held the city’s defensive area exercise in 2019.

By Tran Huong

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