Vietnam puts more efforts to tackle domestic violence (09:33 06/02/2020)

HNP - Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc signed Directive No.08 requesting more efforts to prevent and tackle domestic violence. 

Following the directive, the efforts to prevent and tackle domestic violence have yielded positive results over the past few years, including higher awareness about domestic violence among the public and declining trend of cases of spousal abuse.
However, there remained shortcomings, such as the nature of domestic violence has become more complicated and unpredictable, causing frustration in the public and impacting public order, way of behavior and culture, among others. 
The directive attributed such issues to the lack of commitment from individuals and organizations in complying with laws and regulations on domestic violence prevention. 
Additionally, the efforts to raise awareness among the public against domestic violence have not been carried out regularly, while the number of staffs in this regard remained short in number and lack of capabilities. 
Prime Minister Phuc requested the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to cooperate with press agencies in promoting laws and regulations preventing domestic violence; educating healthy lifestyle among families and criticizing violence acts. 
The Ministry is responsible for setting up a national database on families, including the prevention of domestic violence; evaluating efficiency of the national action program on preventing and tackling domestic violence until 2020. 
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Public Security is tasked with instructing measures to prevent, identify and tackle domestic violence; duplicating the model of task force on preventing and tackling domestic violence; proposing stricter administrative penalty in fields of domestic violence prevention. 
The PM requested cities/provinces to timely address cases of domestic violence in their areas; putting high responsibilities for local authority in preventing domestic violence. 

By Ngoc Lam

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