Hanoi kickoffs 2022 Cashless Event (21:51 21/07/2022)

HNP - On July 21, the Cashless 2022 Event was inaugurated with the theme "Touching the Future", organized jointly by the Department of Electronic Commerce and Digital Economy - Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Municipal Departments of Industry and Commerce; Information and Communications, and the Hanoi branch of the State Bank of Vietnam.  

The event is held annually by the Hanoi People's Committee, in conjunction with the city's promotional months. city. A similar event had been successfully held in the past years, attracting millions of customers to experience and shop at promotional points. Enterprises participating in the event had the proportion of non-cash payments reaching over 30% of total transactions.

With the theme: "Touching the Future", the 2022 Cashless Event aims to disseminate the benefits of cashless payments; contribute to promoting the development of e-commerce;  technology application, and digital transformation acceleration, especially targeting customers who make payments  at commercial centers, supermarkets, telecommunications, healthcare, education chains in the city.

Deputy Director in charge of the Department of Information and Communications Nguyen Viet Hung.

The event consists of the following main activities: promotion activities for the Event through a fan page, advertising banners, leaflets, and reports in July and August.

Through a series of activities, the Department of Industry and Trade hopes to attract a large number of people, form a habit of non-cash payment, and motivate businesses to participate in non-cash payment activities. Such a move would further facilitate customers making non-cash payments when shopping, serving as a lever to stimulate consumer demand. For the city, this would help the city keep it's second-ranking nationwide in the E-Commerce Index.

At the same time, the Department of Industry and Trade also strives for non-cash payment in e-commerce to reach 45%; purchase transactions on e-commerce websites/apps with e-invoices to reach 65%; E-commerce websites with integrated online ordering functions to reach 75%, and small and medium enterprises conducting business on e-commerce platforms to reach 45, and enterprises participating in e-commerce activities on mobile applications to make up 35%.

At the event, Deputy Director in charge of the Department of Information and Communications Nguyen Viet Hung emphasized that non-cash payment is associated with the goal of developing digital government, digital economy, and digital society. Solutions to promote non-cash payment in the past time have helped small and medium-sized businesses transform digitally and helped tens of millions of people access financial services, thereby, promoting the cashless economy. Hung said that in the coming time, Hanoi will continue to closely follow the guidelines, orientations, and policies of the Party and the Government, in supporting the development of non-cash payment activities, especially at educational institutions, hospitals, and health facilities.

By Hai Nam

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