Hanoi Esperanto Association fosters solidarity between capital city and int’l friends (16:19 29/06/2022)

HNP - On June 25, the Esperanto Association of Hanoi held its 6th Congress for the 2022-2027 term, to evaluate the association's activities in the last term, and set the direction of the next one.

The Congress elected the Executive Committee of the sixth term, composed of 13 members who enjoy good moral standing, good reputation among the members and have high sense of responsibility to implement the activities of the Association and people-to-people diplomacy.

Overview of the congress.

According to the report of the Hanoi Esperanto Association term 2017-2022, the Association has successfully implemented many meaningful people-to-people diplomacy activities such as: welcoming a UEA’s delegation to  Hanoi; training and promoting the Esperanto; participating in friendship and social charity activities.

The Congress set the target that, in the 2022-2027 term, the Hanoi Esperanto Association will continue to promote the training of this language for members, expand the association, organize new activities to attract new members. In addition, the Association will strengthen the organization to ensure effective its effective operation.

In order to meet the requirements of the assigned tasks, the Hanoi Esperanto Association will always improve the content, form of activities, and activities appropriate to the age group, fostering the love of members to Esperanto and this language. As such, the members should be able to use this language in communicating with foreigners at an advanced level.

In particular, the Association will mobilize its members to actively participate in peace and friendship activities organized by the Hanoi Union of Friendship Organizations and the Vietnam Esperanto Association.

Speaking at the congress, Tran Thi Phuong, Permanent Vice President of Hanoi Union of Friendship Organizations highly appreciated the Association's activity plans in the past term and affirmed that those activities has achieved outstanding results contributing to the achievements of the city’s people-to-people diplomacy.

According to Phuong, generations of collective and individual members of the Association have united, made great efforts to carry out peace and friendship activities as well as focused on training and development of international languages ​​among the people of Hanoi. In recent times, due to the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Association has actively participated in online programs such as the Asia-Oceania Esperanto Festival, the Global Esperanto Congress and the Korean Esperanto Congress.

Phuong expressed her wish that the 6th Executive Committee would always remain united and innovate to continue promoting its achievements and promote peace and friendship activities. At the same time, the Association should continue to focus on expand operation and improving efficiency to bring Esperanto closer to the people of Hanoi.

In addition, the Association should attach importance to establishing relationships with respective foreign partners, maintaining relationships with traditional partners so that the Association's action programs receive support and cooperation; maintaining and improving the quality of solidarity and friendship activities through international languages, creating a strong spillover effect, attracting the large participation of the young generation and people of all walks of life.

*The Hanoi Esperanto Association was established in May 1997. After 5 congresses, the Association currently has 4 branches with 61 members. Over the years, due to efforts in management and organization, innovation in operation methods, it so far has 9 units with 113 members.

By Hai Nam

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