Hanoi Party chief extends congratulations to the media on Vietnam Revolutionary Press Day (18:42 19/06/2021)

HNP -  Politburo member Dinh Tien  Dung, Secretary o f the Hanoi Party Committee, on June 17 congratulated the Nhan Dan (People’s) Newspaper, Tap chi Cong san (Communist Review) and Vietnam Journalists' Association on the 96th anniversary of the Vietnam Revolutionary Press Day (June 21, 1925-2021).

Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee Dinh Tien Dung congratulates the People's Newspaper.

Joining the delegation were Head of the municipal Party Committee’s Commission for Education and Communication Bui Huyen Mai; Chief of the municipal Party Committee’s Office Tran Anh Tuan; and Director of the Department of Information and Communication Nguyen Thanh Liem.
Hosting the delegation were member of the Party Central Committee (PCC) and Editor-in-chief of the People’s Newspaper Le Quoc Minh; PCC member and Editor-in-Chief of the Communist Review Doan Minh Huan, and  President of the Vietnam Journalists' Association Thuan Huu.
During his visits to the media outlets, the Hanoi Party chief offered his congratulations to the journalists, wishing them to excellently complete tasks assigned by the Party and people.
Talking with leaders of the People’s Newspaper, the Communist Review, and the Vietnam’s Journalists Association, Secretary Dinh Tien Dung briefed them on the city’s outstanding outcomes since the beginning of the year.
He noted that in the context of the COVID-19 outbreaks, the Party organization, authorities and people have stayed united and together realized the twin goal of both containing the pandemic and boosting economic recovery.
Hanoi has accomplished major political missions, including the organization of the general election for deputies of the 15th National Assembly and all-level People’s Councils of the 2021-2026 tenure, and the 10th-grade entrance examination, he added.
Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee Dinh Tien Dung offers congratulations to the Communist Review.
According to Dung, the city’s gross regional domestic product (GRDP) growth in the first six months is estimated at nearly 6%.
Currently, Hanoi is determined to achieve an economic growth rate of 7.5% in 2021, while more efforts are being made to contain the pandemic from delaying the implementation of key strategic tasks with high significance for development.
Mr. Dung attributed the attainment of these major goals to support and contribution from the press outlets, including the People’s Newspaper, the Communist Review, and the Vietnam Journalists Association.
He said, in particular, People’s Newspaper has accompanied  the municipal authorities in disseminating the Party’s guidelines and the State’s policies among citizens. 
Moreover, the newspaper has also promoting the capital’s achievements across all spheres, from the Party building to socio-cultural development, creating the public consensus in carrying out the duties.
Meanwhile, the Communist Review has giving assistance to Hanoi in the research, dissemination and education of political theory, helping the city build its strong and pure Party organization, Dung stressed.
Comrade Dinh Tien Dung congratulates Vietnam’s Journalists Association.
Dung also stated that the Vietnam’s Journalists Association has also upheld its responsibility to provide accurate and timely information about guidelines and policies of the Party and State, as well as the city’s development.
Giving his thanks for the media’s support, the municipal party leader expressed his belief that in the coming time, the media outlets will continue to assist Hanoi in building the high consensus to successfully realize Resolution of the city’s 17th Party Congress, Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress as well build prosperous, civilized and modern capital.

By Tran Huong

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