Technology application brings into full play enterprises’ internal resources (09:27 04/08/2014)

HNP - In the time of globalization, human resource management play an important role in business administration. Application of information-technology in administration is therefore urgent requirement for enterprises to improve their administration and hence raise competitiveness.

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Internal information management with MIS (Management Information System)

One of the solutions to improve internal information system of enterprises is using internet portal for interaction among individuals and departments of enterprises. This  application allows managers to control internal information, creates an environment for employees to work and deploy information resources easily, along with saving time and costs.

Managing human resources with e-HRM software

Software for human resource management (eHRM) aims to satisfy the need of effective, fast and accurate human resources deployment. It offers enterprises a tool to deploy and manage human resources, which can be integrated comprehensively with ERP system and requirement for human resources in big enterprises.

Asset management with VAM software
Asset management software (VAM - VDC Asset Management) aims to computerize asset management in medium or big enterprises and organizations, including fixed assets, materials, equipments and products. The system is especially useful for enterprises with large number of assets which have multi purpose use or divided into various asset systems. Thanks to user friendly web interface and intuitive design, it is expected to bring benefits to enterprises.

So far, the system has been applied by many firms and organizations, creating momentum for further application in Vietnamese enterprises.

By Mai Phuong

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