Increase administration reform and emphasize responsibility of leaders (14:49 15/12/2017)

HNP - Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Hoang Trung Hai requested leaders of districts and towns to emphasize the responsibility of leaders, point out shortcomings and liabilities of each individual or collective.

Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Hoang Trung Hai at the meeting

Increase participation of the whole political system

Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Hoang Trung Hai recognized significant progress in maintaining urban order and civilization. However, there are still several problems and shortcomings.
For 2018, he urged more effort to increase information work and popularization to improve awareness and sense of responsibility of the people, thus creating remarkable change in building cultural and civilized lifestyle of Hanoians. Responsibility of each individual must be specified, along with measures to overcome the problems. Liabilities of each sector and agency, especially of the leaders, must be clarified. Secretaries and Chairpeople of People’s Committees of districts, towns, communes and wards raise sese of responsibility in leadership, define the streets, roads and areas for developing civilized urban lifestyle.

The Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee also requested authorities to increase inspection, examination and supervision, detect and take drastic measure to handle violations according to the law.


Ha Noi has frequently asked leaders of districts, towns, communes and wards to increase their inspection and supervision at grassroots level, and conduct examination among units and agencies. However, there is poor performance in this filed. He urged the communes and wards to increase effort to maintain discipline, timely handle the infractions of urban management, construction order and sanitation, and punish bad behaviors of the staff.

He recognized progress in the field of construction management; the number of violations is decreased, and drastic measure are taken to handle the violations. The Secretary asked units to check, review and handle the infractions, deter further ones, and solve problems of the thin and distorted houses in districts and towns. Progress of water supply and wastewater treatment projects should be accelerated; drastic measures should be taken to handle traffic violations, maintain traffic safety, urban order and public order, especially at the end of 2017 and Lunar New Year of 2018.

Emphasize the role and responsibility of leaders

Regarding implementation of “Improve efficiency and performance of the political system” theme, the Secretary requested Party units and agencies to strictly follow seven groups of measures according to the plan of Party Official Section of the Municipal People’s Committee, proactively build programs and plans to realize the theme of 2018, and complete them within December of 2017.

During the process of preparing the plans, units should arrange their apparatus, streamline their operation, complete working procedures, processes and relations to ensure smooth operation and avoid overlapping, increase decentralization between superior and subordinate levels, point out responsibility and authority of the leaders, enhance inspection, examination and supervision.

He also urged more effort to increase administration reform, build shared database of the city, make foundation for e-government and smart city, create significant progress and breakthrough in administration reform, discipline, sense of responsibility and service quality of the civil servants, improve investment environment, enhance investment efficiency, production and business of Ha Noi.

Information work and popularization shall be increased to encourage people to use the online public services. It is expected that over 80% of the services will be offered at level 3 and level 4 in 2020.

End of the year is coming soon; Party units and governments at all levels shall increase their leadership, give instruction to complete the works on schedule, Hoang Trung Hai urgerd. First of all, they shall complete self-evaluation and evaluation for 2017, popularize and make plan to realize Resolution of the 6th Party Central Committee, maintain political security, social safety and order, take care of the people under preferential treatment policy, poor and disadvantaged households, and help people enjoy a happy Lunar New Year.

By Mai Phuong

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