Hanoi seeks Seoul's expertise on urban issues (11:23 03/01/2024)

HNP - Hanoi plans to cooperate with Seoul not only in economic and urban affairs but also in the management and utilization of cultural resources.    

Hanoi Party Chief Dinh Tien Dung (r) and Chairman of Seoul Metropolitan Council Kim Hyeonki.

Hanoi is seeking Seoul's expertise in solving problems in the city's urban development, especially in rail projects, traffic congestion, and pollution.


Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee Dinh Tien Dung made the remarks today [December 18] during a meeting with a delegation from the Seoul Metropolitan Council led by Chairman Kim Hyeonki.
At the meeting, Kim Hyeonki expressed his delight at the many activities South Korea and Vietnam have undertaken to celebrate the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations in 2022 and to strengthen the ties between the two nations.
Highlighting the shared Confucian culture, Kim emphasized that Vietnam is an ideal partner for South Korea, laying the foundation for comprehensive strategic cooperation and future expansion of joint initiatives.
Kim briefed the Hanoi leader on the memorandum of understanding signed between the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Hanoi People's Council, assuring that the two sides will continue exchange and cooperation.
Seoul has expressed its willingness to share its expertise in urban management and technology for Hanoi's development, Kim said.
 Overview of the meeting. 
Acknowledging the cultural similarities between Vietnam and South Korea, Dung stressed their importance as the basis for past and long-term cooperation. He noted the significant progress in bilateral relations over the past 30 years, marked by a commitment to expand comprehensive strategic cooperation.
Providing insights into Hanoi's socio-economic situation, Dung reaffirmed the city's determination to build a cultural, civilized, modern capital. With ongoing efforts such as capital planning and proposed revisions to the Capital Law, he anticipated increased authority for Hanoi, creating more opportunities for cooperation.
Acknowledging the results of the talks and the agreement between the Hanoi People's Council and the Seoul Metropolitan Council, Dung praised Seoul's progress in modernization.
He stressed the need for in-depth discussions and cooperation in various fields, including planning, investment, urban development, culture, education, and health.
Focusing on specific areas of interest, Dung highlighted Hanoi's priorities such as developing the urban rail system, planning along the Red River and Duong River, and addressing issues such as traffic congestion, environmental pollution, and wastewater. He proposed concrete programs and contents for cooperation between the two city governments, seeking support not only in economic and urban affairs but also in the management and utilization of cultural resources.
The Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee highlighted the significant presence of South Korean residents in Hanoi and the city's recent efforts to coordinate cultural exchange activities with the South Korean Embassy. He pledged to continue providing favorable conditions for South Korean businesses operating in the city.
In discussions with Dinh Tien Dung, Kim expressed keen interest in Hanoi City's upcoming action plan, with a particular focus on education, technology research, and environmental initiatives. Drawing on Seoul's experience, the chairman reaffirmed Seoul's willingness to provide enthusiastic support and cooperation, especially in the fields of education, science, technology, and the environment, and to share Seoul's expertise in developing urban infrastructure, particularly the subway system.

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