Hanoi ensures sufficient supply of goods for people (22:06 21/07/2021)

HNP - Hanoi ensures the supply of basic necessities for local residents, even in case of an exponential surge in demand, the Department of Industry and Trade reported on July 18.

Local residents are advised against  stockpiling goods and limit gatherings at distribution systems so as to avoid disease transmission.
Due to the complex situation of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country and in Hanoi particularly, since the beginning of the year, the department has planed to  ensure the supply of essential goods to the capital. 
Hanoi’s retailers are directed to stock up and supply essential goods at stable prices. According to the department, local businesses have increased the stockpile of essential commodities by 30-50%. 
The supply volume of essentials is expected to triple in the next three months with a value of about VND194 trillion (US$8.4 billion).
The Department of Industry and Trade is working with in Departments of Transport and Public Security to take solutions to support the smooth movement of goods, but still ensure compliance with disease prevention measures.
In addition, the department will set up 236 mobile stores in trucks to deliver goods in districts and towns. It has proposed the Hanoi Transport Corporation support businesses in bringing goods from other provinces to Hanoi and from warehouses to stores throughout the city.
Currently, the city has 459 wet markets, 28 shopping malls, 123 supermarkets, 1,800 convenience stores, 141 retail chains, 2,382 price-stabilized selling points, and tens of thousands of grocery stores, to meet the consumption demand.
Coping with the developments of the pandemic, Hanoi has planed to set up nearly 2,000 stores across the city, while promoting e-commerce applications, online sales to avoid gatherings. 

By Tran Huong

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