Hanoi economy on track for recovery in post pandemic period

HNP - On July 1, Le Hong Son, Member of the Standing Committee of the Hanoi Party Committee, Standing Vice Chairman in charge of operating the Hanoi People's Committee chaired the regular briefing of the Hanoi People's Committee in the second quarter of 2022.  

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Policies of Ha Noi

Hanoi identifies major tasks in economic restructuring

HNP - On June 27, the Hanoi People's Committee issued Plan No.174/KH-UBND on the implementation of the Government's Action Program  under the National Assembly's Resolution on the plan to restructure the economy.


Hanoi strives to improve vocational education

HNP - On June 28, the Hanoi People's Committee issued Plan No.177/KH-UBND on the implementation of the Strategy for Vocational Education Development in Hanoi until 2025, with a vision to 2045.


Hanoi seeks measures to improve public health

HNP - On June 28, the Hanoi People's Committee issued Plan No.178/KH-UBND on the implementation of the Vietnam Health Program in the 2021-2025 period in Hanoi.


Hanoi steps up efforts against domestic violence

HNP - On June 28, the Hanoi People's Committee issued Plan No.179/KH-UBND on the implementation of the Prime Minister's Decision No. 45/QD-TTg dated January 13, 2022, approving the domestic violence prevention program in the new situation until 2025 in Hanoi.


Hanoi aims to improve public satisfaction on performance of administrative units

HNP - On June 29, the Hanoi People's Committee issued the Plan No. 181/KH-UBND on improving public satisfaction on the performance of administrative units in the city.


Hanoi targets completion of e-Government development by 2025

HNP - On June 14, the Hanoi People's Committee issued Plan No. 165/KH-UBND on "Application of information technology in the activities of public agencies, and development of e-Government towards digital government and ensuring network information security in Hanoi for the 2022-2025 period".


Hanoi reviews progress in administrative reform

HNP - On June 20, the Hanoi People's Committee issued report No. 196/BC-UBND on the city’s administrative reform progress in the first 6 months of 2022.


Hanoi determines to achieve economic growth of 7-7.5%

HNP - Politburo member and Hanoi Party Committee Secretary Dinh Tien Dung at a meeting on June 29 called for the city's efforts to achieve the socio-economic development goals for this year, especially the economic growth goal of 7- 7.5%.

Hanoi Party chief urges drastic measures to accelerate public investment

HNP - Speaking at the conclusion of the 8th Conference of the 17th City Party Committee, Politburo member, Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee Dinh Tien Dung called for drastic measures from the local authorities to ensure disbursement of public fund at over 90%.


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