Hang Bong Street (18:30 21/07/2017)

HNP - Hang Bong is a street in ancient quarter of Ha Noi. The name "Hang Bong" literally means “cotton store”, since the street once produced cotton to make clothes or winter blankets.

(source: vivuhanoi.com)

The street is about 932 meters long, and continues from the crossroad Hang Bong - Hang Gai - Hang Trong - Hang Hom to the former city gate Cua Nam (South Gate). Formerly, it was a collection of small streets specializing in typical products, such as Hang Hai Street renowned for paper shoes and hats for offering, Hang Bong Tho Nhuom famous for dyeing, and Hang Bong Dem for selling cotton blankets and mattresses. During the French colonial period, there were a number of publishing houses and bookstores on the street.


Today Hang Bong is one of the busiest streets of Ha Noi for shopping; there are numerous art galleries, silk shops and clothes shops. Besides, it is home to many different businesses, like bridal products at one end of the street, banners and flags for propaganda at the other end.


Hang Bong is a hot spot for the youth in the evenings; visitors can stop by any street food shops, taste some dishes and chit-chat with friends. The most well-known dishes are Nem chua ran (fried pork roll) or Hoa qua dam (Fruit salad with condensed milk and coconut milk).


Nem chua ran (fried pork roll)

Along with specialties, Hang Bong Street has a lot of historical sites which will provide a closer look at Ha Noi’s tradition and spiritual life of the locals, such as Kim Co Temple to honor the ancestor of making mirror, and Yen Thai Temple to worship Y Lan, the imperial concubine of King Ly Thanh Tong (ruled 1054–1072) with a significant political power in the dynastic time.

By Mai Phuong

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