Hang Dao Street (06:53 18/07/2017)

HNP - Considered as one of the typical streets in Ha Noi Old Quarter, Hang Dao was originally the center for trading of silk products. Nowadays it specializes in silk and ready-made clothing.

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This is also one of the oldest streets in the Ha Noi Old Quarter. Hang literally means shop, and Dao means red-dyed fabrics. In the past, this was the location of silk dyer guild from other provinces, which specialized in fabric dyeing. Fabrics were mainly dyed red, peach flower, pink or rose, hence the name of the street. On the first and sixth days of the lunar month, there were fairs for the sale of silk items.

Running from north to south, it is around 260 meters long, and cuts the Old Quarter in half. Shops stand close to each other, offering various types of colorful and elegant garments, such as gauze, brocade, crepe, and muslin.  


Hang Dao in the past

A night market near Dong Xuan Market opens for business every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening. It starts from Hoan Kiem Lakeside and runs the length of Hang Dao Street to the Dong Xuan Market, offering a variety of clothing, handicrafts, souvenirs and food.

A communal house named Dong Lac is located at 38 Hang Dao Street. According to the folklore, it worships Cao Son, Linh Lang and Bach Ma, the gods who protect the capital city. In the Le dynasty (15th century), silk tunics had been sold here. The house was severely damaged over time. In 1941, it was rebuilt for residential and retail, and in 1956 used as a convenience store. In 2000, Ha Noi authorities cooperated with the French city of Toulouse to restore the communal house. In 2004, it was recognized as a national heritage site by Ministry of Culture and Information. It is now open for local people and foreigners. Visitors can see traditional building techniques combined with modern restoration techniques, and silk and craft products (paper, embroidery and lacquer) on display.


By Mai Phuong

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