Hang Chieu Street (06:50 27/07/2017)

HNP - This small street runs from Dong Xuan Street through the Dong Ha City Gate (also known as O Quan Chuong Gate). It is now specialized in selling mats, blankets and pillows from different materials.

Hang Chieu is only about 280 meters long. The name “Hang Chieu” means “shop of Vietnamese grass tatami mats”, since it originally offered grass tatami mats. Nowadays, it still provides the traditional items, along with all kinds of new manners of mats and rugs, from welcome mats and room-sized wool, from rush, sedge, bamboo to plastic mats. Visitors can also find various types of blankets, rattan pillows and cotton pillows here.  


(source: kienthuc.net.vn)

It is also the place to go for plastic and other synthetic items. Small shops stand closely to each other with piles of tapes at the entrances, shopping bags hang from rafters and large balls of nylon string abound. This is a place for visitors to witness daily life of the locals.

By Mai Phuong

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