Hanoi holds scientific conference on cultural development (14:50 21/03/2023)

HNP - On March 21, a scientific conference was held in Hanoi to promote the cultural values and resources necessary for building the city into a modern and civilized capital. The main objective of the conference was to provide a clear and comprehensive understanding of the cultural values and resources of Thang Long - Hanoi in order to support the development and growth of the city in accordance with the directives of the Politburo Resolution No. 15-NQ/TW. 

During the conference, Secretary of the City Party Committee Dinh Tien Dung emphasized the crucial role of culture in building a modern and civilized capital. He stressed that promoting cultural values and resources is the most effective way to develop the city's culture. The Hanoi Party Committee has always prioritized the preservation and promotion of cultural values, recognizing culture as a driving force and resource to serve the construction and development of the capital. The committee has issued several cultural development programs aimed at building a civilized Hanoi, Dung said. In particular, in response to the conclusion of General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong at the 2021 National Cultural Conference, the Hanoi Party Committee issued Resolution No. 09-NQ/TU on "Developing the cultural industry in the capital for the period of 2021-2025, with an orientation to 2030, with a vision to 2045" on February 22, 2022. This resolution aims to comprehensively develop Hanoi's cultural industries in terms of scale, quality of products and services, and markets, ensuring sustainable development, becoming a spearhead economic sector with high speed, density, and added value.

The resolution also focuses on modern infrastructure, diversified services and cultural products, quality brand names, meeting creative and enjoyment needs of domestic people, promoting tourism development, and export. Secretary of the City Party Committee Dinh Tien Dung emphasized that Hanoi recognizes the importance of culture and has invested in cultural development to protect and preserve tangible and intangible cultural heritage and national culture. The city has also developed a system of cultural institutions and works, with an investment of about VND49,200 billion in health, education, training, and culture for the period of 2022-2025 and beyond. In 2021-2022 alone, Hanoi repaired and embellished 181 relics, including 4 special national relics, 114 national monuments, and 63 city-level relics. Furthermore, Hanoi is implementing the resolutions of the 13th National Party Congress and the 17th Hanoi Party Congress with a spirit of innovation and the participation of the entire political system. In 2022, the City Party Committee successfully implemented the dual goals of pandemic prevention and socio-economic development, while directing the implementation of the public theme "Discipline, responsibility, action, creativity, development" and achieved outstanding results.

The city also summarized ten years of implementation of Politburo Resolution 11-NQ/TW on the direction and tasks of Hanoi's capital development in 2011-2020, and submitted Resolution No. 15-NQ/TW on the direction and tasks of Hanoi's capital development to 2030, with a vision to 2045, proposing four points of view, two goals and eight groups of solutions for the city to focus on implementing. According to Minister Dinh Tien Dung, the recent seminar builds on the results of scientific conferences and local discussions, with the aim of further clarifying the guiding ideology that considers culture as a driving force and resource for the construction and development of Hanoi as a "Cultured - Civilized - Modern" city. The goal is for Hanoi to become a worthy political-administrative center of the country, an important center of economy, culture, education and training, science and technology, and international integration. The city will be developed to be smart, modern, green, clean, beautiful, safe and secure, with pervasive power to promote the development of the Red River Delta, the northern key economic region and the whole country.

By Hai Nam

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