Hanoi leader receives St.Petersburg delegation (18:35 28/09/2022)

HNP - On September 26, Member of the Standing Committee of the Hanoi Party Committee, Standing Vice Chairman of the Hanoi People's Council Phung Thi Hong Ha hosted a delegation of St. Petersburg led by Nikolai Bondarenko, Vice Chairman of the city’s Legislative Assembly.  

At the meeting Bondarenco expressed its pleasure to visit Hanoi, and at the same time, conveyed good wishes from the leader of the St. Petersburg to leaders of the Hanoi People's Council and the people of the capital.

According to Bondarenco, the Legislative Assembly has 50 delegates with 10 different committees in charge of each segment and field, dealing with the city's social issues. He noted the legislative body has been closely following the socio-economic situation to make appropriate regulations. Over the past time, the council has promulgated more than 150 different legal documents to reflect the rapid changes in socio-economic activities.

In 2023, St. Petersburg will inaugurate the Ho Chi Minh Statue, on the 100th anniversary of Uncle Ho's first arrival in Petrograt (now St. Petersburg).

Russia has a large number of Vietnamese people living, studying and working. In addition to students studying abroad, most Vietnamese work in the fields of commerce, business and services. The Vietnamese community in Russia is an indispensable part of the people-to-people exchange connection between the two countries. Therefore, placing the statue of Uncle Ho at St. Petersburg is an activity of great significance, contributing to the friendship and multifaceted cooperation between the two peoples of Vietnam and Russia, he said.

Therefore, Bondarenko proposed the people's representative bodies of the two sides will have a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in a number of areas. In which, the two sides regularly exchange delegates to  exchange experiences in the policy-making  process in the field of urban construction, culture, education... Especially, St. Petersburg has great scientific potential with many famous training schools, and look to discuss with Hanoi about training policy and exchange students between the two countries.

On behalf of the Hanoi People's Council, Standing Vice Chairwoman of the City People's Council Phung Thi Hong Ha sent warm greetings to the delegation of St.Petersburg, wishing them a successful working trip in Vietnam.

Ha emphasized that the relationship between Vietnam and Russia is a relationship between faithful friends, the two countries are each other's special traditional partners. Accordingly, the trip of the Vice Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg to Vietnam this time has special significance, opening up opportunities to promote cooperation activities between Hanoi and St. Petersburg, contributing to the common achievements of bilateral relations between the two countries.

Generalizing some key features of the Hanoi People's Council, Standing Vice Chairman of the City People's Council Phung Thi Hong Ha said that the Hanoi People's Council has 95 delegates, divided into 30 delegations in 30 districts, town. The city council decides on major issues in socio-economic development, security and defense. In addition to promulgating policies, the city council also performs the role of supervising the implementation of issued policies for local state management agencies.

Ha also supported the proposal of Vice Chairwoman of the St. Petersburg on the establishment of cooperative relations between the two people's representative bodies of the two cities. The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding will open a new page for the Hanoi - St. Petersburg in general and between the Hanoi People's Council and the St. Petersburg in particular.

To promote this content, the Hanoi People's Council assigned the Department of Foreign Affairs to be the focal point to exchange and work with the St. Petersburg to develop a draft of the Memorandum of Understanding, report to the competent authorities of Vietnam and Hanoi, with the possibility of signing the memorandum in 2023.

By Hai Nam

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