Hanoi has new vice chairwoman (18:27 10/03/2023)

HNP - The Hanoi People's Council elected a new deputy chairwoman of the People's Committee on March 10.  

During the meeting, the municipal People's Council relieved Chu Phu My, former director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, and Nguyen Tat Vinh, former head of the city's Committee for Ethnic Minorities, of their posts as they reached retirement age.  The Council then elected Vu Thu Ha, current Director of the Department of Interior and a member of the Council, as Vice Chairwoman of the Hanoi People's Committee for the 2021-2026 term.

The council also elected Nguyen Nguyen Quan, head of the city's Committee for Ethnic Minorities, and Nguyen Xuan Dai, director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development,  members of the city's People's Committee.

The 11th session of the 16th City People's Council has successfully concluded after a productive morning of urgent, focused, serious, democratic, and effective work.

At the meeting, the delegates thoroughly reviewed the reports and opinions of the Municipal People's Committee and the inspection reports of the committees of the Municipal People's Council. The delegates then engaged in constructive discussions, research, and voting, and unanimously adopted five resolutions. These resolutions include key mechanisms, policies, and legal bases to address emerging problems and difficulties in the city, such as the effective management, use, and utilization of public assets; adjustments to the 2023 public investment plan, with a budget of VND3.84 trillion allocated to the Ring Road No. 4 project in the Hanoi Capital Region; a flexible capital disbursement mechanism to facilitate investment preparation; and adjustments to the list of land acquisition and land transformation projects to accelerate project progress.

In his closing remarks, Chairman of the City People's Council Nguyen Ngoc Tuan urged the City People's Committee, along with all levels, branches, localities, and units, to swiftly and effectively implement solutions to ensure the City Council's resolutions are put into practice and yield practical results.

He emphasized the significance of the Project on effective management, use, and exploitation of public assets of the City for the 2023-2025 period, with a focus on the period 2026-2030, as it aims to address the shortcomings and limitations that have been previously identified. The project has been meticulously prepared based on the guidance of the City Party Committee and feedback from the delegates of the City People's Council. The Chairman suggested that the City People's Committee should continue to study and refine the scheme by reviewing and compiling complete statistics on the number and status of public assets, updating accurate data for transparent monitoring and management, developing plans and feasible solutions for effective asset exploitation, and taking resolute action to address financial and construction order violations and recover misused properties.

Furthermore, he emphasized the importance of inspection and examination to prevent loss and waste of resources, and to promptly transfer serious violations to competent authorities for strict disciplinary and legal enforcement.

According to Tuan, the Ring Road 4 - Hanoi Capital Area project is a national key project that is receiving close attention from the Standing Committee and Standing Board of the City Party Committee.

He urged the City People's Committee, relevant departments, branches, districts, and localities to prioritize and actively implement the project to ensure that it progresses according to plan.

By Hai Nam

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