Ha Noi joins hands to protect and take care of children (15:27 04/04/2017)

HNP – Over the past years, all levels, sectors have paid more attention to child protection and care, especially children in difficult circumstances in the capital city.

In particular, Ha Noi have deployed five projects under the Program 267 (National Program on Child Protection) at municipal and district levels, including: communication, education and social mobilization; improving abilities of officials, collaborators, volunteers who take part in protecting and caring children; building and replicating models supporting children in difficult circumstances, etc.


After all, the city fulfills and excesses several set targets. Particularly, in 2015, 99.4% of children in difficult circumstances and 95.21% of children at high risk of difficult circumstances were intervened, helped and cared.


In addition, the city has strengthened communication with diversified forms to numerous objects, contributing to improving awareness, responsibility of levels, sectors as well as making positive changes in child protection and care task.


Besides, districts, towns have well implemented child protection and care task. Especially, Hoan Kiem District has cooperated with secondary, high schools to enhance communication to enrich knowledge of psychological and physical development.


At present, Bac Tu Liem District has 58,735 children. The district has paid special attention to protecting and taking care of children. Particularly, the district has received, intervened, handled child abuse cases; strengthened popularization on hotline 18001567 of the Department of Child Protection and Care – Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs to all officials, people, children in the area.


Meanwhile, Thach That District have taken many right solutions; implemented child care models in Dai Dong Commune. Therefore, child protection and care has gained remarkable achievements.


To ensure all children to live in healthy, safe environment, the capital city made a plan on implementing the Program on Child Protection in Ha Noi for the 2016-2020 period. Accordingly, the city sets up following key targets: 100% of district, towns will build and implement the Program in the area; reducing the rate of children in difficult circumstances to 0.7%; reducing the rate of child abuse cases; at least 98% of children in special circumstances will be helped, cared so that they can integrate into the community, etc.

By Tran Huong

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