Supermarkets ensure abundant supply of goods during festive period (08:51 14/01/2023)

HNP - On January 13, the Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade coordinated with the Economic and Budget Committee and the municipal People's Council to launch an inspection team on the situation of commodity supply and food safety management in some supermarkets and distribution channels in Hanoi.  

Reporting to the inspection team, a representative of Saigon Co.op Hanoi said: The supermarket has mapped out a plan to order and reserve specific goods with a 12% increase in inventory compared to the same period in 2022. The main products of business in this peak period of Tet are confectionery, fruit, beer, beverage, noodles, tea... with a total value of nearly VND70 billion, an increase of 10% compared to the Tet of last year.

In addition, the work of ensuring the supply of goods with stable prices and food safety is always of high priority. Supermarkets always ensure strict control of goods right from the production process and maintain high quality standards with clear origin.

In addition to  in-person sales, the unit focuses on promoting and exploiting business and orders through social networks such as Zalo, fanpage in order to further develop the form of e-commerce; building separate promotions for customers, in turn contributing to an increase in sales and catching up with trends and needs of consumers in the current period.

On this occasion, the supermarket will also organize promotions and discounts to stimulate consumer demand; open more payment counters, offer various payment methods; cooperate with delivery partners to ensure maximum satisfaction of customers' delivery needs.

In order to serve the consumption needs of people during the Lunar New Year, the supermarket will be open until January 21, 2023 and is expected to open for business on January 27, 2023.

Le Manh Phong, CEO of chain stores BigC & GO! in the Hanoi and Northern regions said that to prepare for Tet, the unit worked closely with all suppliers to estimate the production capacity from the second quarter of 2022 and stockpiled goods with a total value of goods at VND351 billion, an increase of nearly 22% compared to Tet in 2022.

The supermarket offers all Tet products, including: Tet cakes, Tet sweets, Tet confectionery, soft drinks, beer, wine with competitive prices and many promotions such as: buy one get one free, discount 50 % and members-only prices. To meet the needs of customers, the unit provides 46 samples of Tet gift baskets with many types of packaging along with hundreds of Tet gift boxes.

So far, sales in supermarkets have increased by 20% over the previous year. Especially with this peak week, it is expected that the number of visitors will increase 3-4 times compared to that of in the normal time. “Confectionery and alcohol products are the most consumed items and are expected to be consumed strongly during this Tet holiday. Meanwhile, fresh products such as meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits are the items that will be prioritized by customers in the week before Tet, with a record increase of 5-7 times compared to normal days," Phong affirmed.

To meet the shopping needs of customers anytime, anywhere, online shopping channels are also prioritized by supermarkets. Up to this point, the unit has recorded impressive numbers from the number of customers buying online, as Online sales have increased by 20-30%.

After surveying and checking Tet service at supermarkets, Acting Director of Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade Tran Thi Phuong Lan assessed that the goods of supermarkets and distribution units were quite abundant and stable in prices.

“Retailers in Hanoi have fully met  the people's Tet consumption needs through both online and offline channels", emphasized the Acting Director of Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade.

For the work of ensuring the quality of goods for local customers, the Acting Director of the Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade said that Hanoi will organize four interdisciplinary inspection teams on food safety. Besides, the City Steering Committee 389 has also developed a plan to organize an inspection against smuggling and commercial fraud in Hanoi; ensure that all sources of goods supplied to the Hanoi market are strictly controlled, ensuring quality and food safety.

By Hai Nam

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