Thach Xa Village with colorful bamboo dragonflies (21:01 24/06/2018)

HNP – Located around 35-40 kilometers from city center, Thach Xa is a unique village with the tradition of making bamboo dragonflies in Thach That suburban district, Ha Noi.

Bamboo dragonflies (source:

The eye-catching bamboo dragonfly is a unique handicraft product symbolized for talent of the artisan only in Thach Xa village. The work started years ago; now villagers have still preserved and promoted it.

Make such beautiful bamboo dragonflies requires skills and ingenuity of craftsmen. Bamboo is brought from other provinces like Vinh Phuc, Hoa Binh, or Tuyen Quang, where the bamboo is thin yet solid and perfect for the product. The craftsmen have to undergo different steps. Firstly, they make the body from thin sharpened bamboo, then drill two small holes on its sides, sharpen the tail, and dry beak to warp its head. After that, they sharpen the wings, paint colors and join all pieces to make a complete dragonfly. The most difficult stage is to assemble the wings to the body which must be precise to ensure that the dragonfly will be perfectly balanced on the sticks or twigs. A complete dragonfly must be balanced on a small stick or on the tip of a finger.


The locals are making bamboo dragonflies (

Local craftsmen create lively and cute bamboo dragonflies from such simple materials, which are favored by domestic and international visitors.  Visiting the village, you will gain a deeper insight into the craft in the village, get a first-hand experience of making bamboo dragonflies, and buy some cute products at a reasonable price as souvenirs for your friends and family.



By Mai Phuong

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