Hanoi launches Action Month for Gender Equality (20:03 15/11/2022)

HNP - On November 14, in Son Tay town, the Hanoi People's Committee held a ceremony to launch the Action Month for Gender Equality and to prevent and respond to gender-based violence in 2022.  

Speaking at the ceremony, Vice Chairman of the Hanoi People's Committee Chu Xuan Dung said: Over the years, gender equality and the advancement of women have always been of great interest to the City Party Committee, People's Council, and City People's Committee. In this regard, he called for the participation of all levels of Party committees, authorities, departments, branches and mass organizations from the city to grassroots levels in the prevention and control of violence and abuse of women and children.

As a result, gender equality targets such as the reduction of the gender gap in politics, economy, labor and employment, in the field of education and training, in accessing and enjoying services, healthcare, culture and information, in family life, ... all met and exceeded the City's plan.

In addition, the city's social security work continues to be focused on, implemented promptly, correctly and sufficiently to ensure the regulations, with special attention to women and children in difficult circumstances or those affected by the Covid-19 epidemic.

Launching Action Month for Gender Equality and Prevention and Responding to Gender-Based Violence in 2022 with the theme "Ensuring social security, empowering and creating opportunities for women and girls to implement gender equality and eliminate gender-based violence", Dung asked departments, agencies, sectors, mass organizations of the city, districts, towns to continue raising public awareness on the issue by thoroughly understand and strictly and synchronously implement the regulations of the Central and the City on gender equality work, for the advancement of women and girls. This would create a premise for economic development, social security of the locality and the City; organize activities to respond to Action Month, diversify forms of propaganda and training to raise awareness about gender equality, and prevent and combat violence and abuse against women and children in various forms in a  suitable, safe, effective, and economical manner; fully implement supporting policies to ensure social security for the people in general, women and children in particular; organize activities to support victims, women and children with difficult circumstances.

Along with that, the Vice Chairman of the City People's Committee also suggested that branches and mass organizations continue to effectively implement the Scheme and Program to prevent and respond to gender-based violence in the 2021-2022 period and in 2022-2026 that has been approved by the City People's Committee, ensuring 100% of cases related to women and children when detected are protected with legitimate rights and interests; replicate and improve the quality of activities to prevent and respond to violence and abuse of women and children, and promote the models of "Safe village", "Safe residential group"; to step up the mobilization of resources for the implementation of gender equality and women's advancement; strengthen the organization of interdisciplinary inspection on gender equality and for the advancement of women at agencies, units and localities during Action Month.

“I believe that with the strong cooperation and participation of the authorities at all levels and the whole community, the capital's gender equality work will well fulfill the set targets, contributing to the eradication of gender inequality and put an end to violence against women and children,” emphasized Dung.

Speaking in response to Action Month for Gender Equality, Vice Chairman of Son Tay Town People's Committee Le Dai Thang called for the commitment of attention and active participation of agencies, mass organizations, and authorities of communes and ward, social organizations and communities in the town, to build a safe, equal and prosperous community for all, eventually leading to build a country of sustainable development and "No one is left behind”.

By Hai Nam

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