Increase cooperation to build national database of population (15:06 15/03/2017)

HNP - The Prime Minister signed Directive 07/CT-TTg on March 13, urging more cooperation to build national database of population.

In order to ensure comprehensiveness and consistency in the process of building national database of population nationwide, reduce the time of implementation, increase cooperation among ministries, sectors and localities, and enhance sense of responsibility of the people in providing information, the PM gives instruction as follows.

Ministries, ministerial level agencies, agencies under the Government, and People’s Committees of cities and provinces under the Central Government strictly perform their tasks of building, managing and exploiting the national database of population. It is implemented in conformity with Law on Citizenship, documents guiding implementation of Law on Citizenship, and Decision 896/QD-TTg dated June 8, 2013 of the Prime Minister on approving the project on simplifying administrative procedures, citizenship papers and database relating to population management in the period of 2013 to 2020.

Popularization and education of law is increased, focusing on building and exploitation of the national database of population among organizations, individuals and agencies under management of the ministries, sectors and localities.

Based on their functions and missions, the ministries and agencies define demand and level of information extraction from the national population database, and prepare conditions for connection and information exchange between the national population database with other national databases and specialized databases. When building projects which need to collect citizens’ personal information, the ministries and agencies are required to exchange information with Ministry of Public Security to avoid duplicate investment and wastefulness.

The Prime Minister also requests People’s Committees of cities and provinces under the Central Government to set up steering committees to implement Project 896 in localities according to instruction of the Steering Committee for Project 896. Chairpeople of People’s Committee of cities and provinces are heads, and leaders of provincial police forces are permanent deputy heads of the steering committees.
Departments, agencies and People’s Committees at all levels are requested to conduct popularization and education of the national database of population in agencies, units and households. Police of the cities, provinces under the Central Government in cooperation with agencies and People’s Committees at all levels collect information, double check and compare it with the national database. The task of collecting information about population and building national database of population is considered key mission of the Party units and governments at all levels in 2017.

The PM also urges review and modification of documents issued by localities to use the national population database effectively and consistently, in particular to handle administrative procedures.

Ministries and agencies sum up implementation process, result, problems and shortcomings during the process, and suggest measures to improve effectiveness and reduce time to build national database in localities, and report to the Prime Minister to ask for further consideration and decision.

By Mai Phuong

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