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Procedure Adjustment of the Head and main areas of operation of a marriage and family conselling and supporting center with foreign elements.

Step 1: The Women’s Union, which decide to establish the marriage and family counseling center with foreign elements (the Center for short) prepares and submits dossier to the One-Stop-Shop (OSS) of the Ha Noi Department of Justice for consideration.
Step 2: OSS receives and checks the dossier. If the dossier is complete and valid, OSS will accept and give the applicant a receipt with an appointment of the time and date for returning the result. If the dossier remains incomplete or invalid and needs adding, the applicant shall be advised to do. In case the dossier goes beyond the authority of OSS, the applicant will be guided to the upper related agency for further consideration as required by the rules.  
Step 3: OSS notes the list of applicants, then hand their dossiers over to the Section for Foreign Civil Status for further consideration as stipulated
Step 4: The Section for Foreign Civil Status receives and checks the dossiers, processes and gives the results to the OSS in time as stipulated. In case the dossiers need to be added or double checked, the Section for Foreign Civil Status is required to consult the OSS, so that the latter will keep the applicant informed, or to give a deadline to settle the issues.
Step 5: OSS receives the results, makes a record and returns the results to the citizens on the date of appointment.

Where to submit Option 1: The legal representative of the Women’s Union, which decides to establish the center submits the dossier directly to OSS of the Ha Noi Department of Justice. Option 2: The Union can also submit the dossier via postal service. (Time span will be decided based on date of the arrival of the stamped documents.) Submission at OSS of the Ha Noi Department of Justice Address: 1B Tran Phu Street, Ha Dong, Ha Noi. Telephone: 0433546151/ or 0433546163
Contents and number of the dossier

a) Components of the dossier:

1. An application for amendment of the Head and main areas of operation of the center in the Certificate for operation registration. (Specifying the purpose, contents and reasons for changing);

2. The original of Certificate for operation registration;

3. Criminal record of the person who prepares to become head of the center must be issued within three months before the date of submission of the dossie (For the case of changing the Head of the center).

b) Number of the dossier: one (01) set.

Processing duration Five (05) working days after receiving the valid dossier.
Objects The Women’s Union decides to establish the center, which was issued Certificate for operation registration at the Ha Noi Department of Justice.
Competent agency Department of Justice
Outcome 1. Certificate for operation registration which notes the changes of the contents. 2. In case of rejection, the Ha Noi Department of Justice will provide their written answer detailing the reasons for rejection to the Women’s Union which established the center.
Fee None


Other requirements None
Legal basis

- Decree No. 126/2014/ND – CP dated December 31, 2014 of the Government, detailing a number of articles and measures for implementation of the Law on Marriage and Family.

Administrative procedures