Contents of Administrative procedures - Department of Information and Communications

Procedure Checking dossier and condition to report to the Ministry of Information and Communications on application for amending License for print newspaper of press agencies in Ha Noi (administrative procedure at level 3)
- Organization prepares dossier according to the law.  
- Organization submits dossier to the One Stop Shop. When submitting dossier, the citizen representing the organization must show letter of reference. 
- The Department of Information and Communications receives and checks the dossier. 
If dossier is not complete or not valid, the Department  will guide citizen, organization to complete it according to the law.          
- The organization receives result according to the date in the receipt.    
Time for receiving dossier: 8AM to 11AM, 1.30PM to 4.30PM every working day
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Where to submit Dossier can be submitted directly to One Stop Shop of the Department of Information and Communications (185 Giang Vo Street, Dong Da, Ha Noi), or to the clerk. For dossiers submitted to clerk, One Stop Shop shall inform about them in 10 days. After this time, if the citizen or organization does not come to submit dossier directly, dossier shall be archived in one month. After one month, dossier shall be discarded.
Contents and number of the dossier
* Dossier components: 
- Application of line agency of the newspaper;
- Layout of the new title (in case of amending newspaper title)
* Number of dossier: one set  
Processing duration None
Objects Agency, organization
Competent agency Department of Information and Communications
Outcome Written approval
Fee None


Other requirements None
Legal basis
- Press Law dated December 28, 1989;
- Law on amending, supplementing some articles of Press Law dated June 12, 1999;
- Decree 51/2002/ND-CP dated April 26, 2002 of the Government, detailing implementation of Press Law, Law on amending, supplementing some articles of Press Law;
- Circular 16/2010/TT-BTTTT dated July 16, 2010 detailing and guiding issuance of License for print newspaper, supplement issue and special issue. 

Administrative procedures