Contents of Administrative procedures - Authority for Planning and Investment

Procedure Extension of investment projects for foreign-invested projects (In case of extending the implementation of investment capital, the construction progress and putting the main works into operation, the progress in implementing the project's operational objectives)

- Step 1: Submitting and receiving the dossier:


+ Submit the dossier at the One-Stop-Shop (OSS) section, receive the receipt with the appointment of the result return.

+ The Authority for Planning and Investment: receiving the dossier, giving the receipt of the appointment of the date to get final results to organizations/citizens.

- Step 2: Handling the dossier:

Specialized divisions receive the dossier and check the validity and reasons, conditions and contents to propose to extend investment progress of the project,  submit dossier to leaders of Authority for Planning and Investment to approve the dossier handling results (Document on the extension of the investment project / Notification on full completion of the dossier/ Notification on invalid dossier).
send dossiers to the Ministry of Planning and Investment and the branch-managing ministries,

Step 3: Receiving the outcome:

Organizations/citizens receive the outcomes at OSS.

Where to submit Inve