Contents of Administrative procedures - Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism

Procedure Issuance of the license for other cultural, art exhibitions of foreign organizations/individuals (neither representing a nation nor coordinating with several nations on display in Ha Noi (AP level 2).

- A foreign organization/or an individual lodges a set of dossier in person or by postal service to the administrative procedures processing section attached to the Ha Noi Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

- The Ha Noi Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism receives and checks the dossier and returns the result to the applicant (s) as stipulated.

Where to submit Direct lodging to the Ha Noi Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism at its Headquarters (No. 47, Hang Dau Street, Ha Noi).
Contents and number of the dossier

-    Application for issuance of the exhibition license specifying name of organizations/individuals, name of exhibition, contents and purpose, place of  exhibitions overseas.

-    Invitation letter or document signed with foreign partners on foreign exhibitions to be displayed in Viet Nam.

-    List of authors, works specifying materials, sizes, minimum size of  9x12 cm  for photos of the art works pasted on A4 paper. At the bottom of photos, specifying the name of the works, materials, sizes and signatures of the applicant for the license. If they are videodisc, their quality, clear image must be ensured and the contents of exhibition must be the same as prescribed for the artistic works.

-    Samples of invitations and catalogs for presentation of  the contents of the exhibitions;

-    Documents in foreign languages must be enclosed with the translated Vietnamese version.

-    In case individuals do not belong to any organization institution, they are required to submit a copy of passport (bring the original one for comparison);

-    Number of the dossier: 01 set

Processing duration
Objects Organizations/individuals
Competent agency Department of Culture and Sports
Outcome License
Fee None

- Application for issuance of the exhibition license

Other requirements

- Organizers (individuals/ organizations) facilitate the Ha Noi Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism to scan their applications within 5 working days before the opening date of exhibition (when required).

- In case the exhibition brought in by foreign organizations/individuals from abroad to be displayed in Viet Nam/ or combination of foreign contents and Vietnamese contents based on the agreements or contracts between the Vietnamese organizations/individuals and foreign counterparts, then the Vietnamese organizations/individuals will act as the applicant for exhibition license.

-  In case exhibitions on display in Viet Nam by a foreign organization/individual in operation in Viet Nam, they will act as the applicant for the exhibition license.

Legal basis

-    Government Decree No 103/2009/ND-CP dated November 06, 2009 on promulgating the regulations on cultural activities and business activity related to the public culture services.

-    Decision No. 41/2002/QD-BVHTT dated December 31, 2002 of the Minister of Culture and Information promulgated in conjunction with the Regulation on exhibition activities.

-    Decision No. 1412/QD-UBND dated March 30, 2010 by the Ha Noi People Committee on approval of the scheme simplifying the administration procedures in Ha Noi.

Administrative procedures