Contents of Administrative procedures - Department of Information and Communications

Procedure Procedure for applying for organization of a press conference

- The applicant (organization) prepares the dossier according to the law. 

- The applicant submits the dossier to the Point of Single Contact (PSC or One-Stop-Shop). When submitting dossier, the applicant’s representative must present the reference letter of the organization.  

- The Department of Information and Communications receives the dossier. If the dossier is incomplete or invalid, the Department shall guide the applicant to finalize the dossier according to the law.

- The applicant receives result on the date noted in the Receipt. 

Time for receiving dossiers and returning results: 8-11AM, 1.30-4.30PM every weekday

Where to submit The dossier can be submitted online or directly at the PSC, 185 Giảng Võ Street, Đống Đa, Hà Nội or submitted to the filing clerk (the PSC shall inform within 10 days about the submission of dossiers submitted to the filing clerk. After this duration of time, if the applicants do not come for direct submission, their dossiers shall be archived in one month. After one month, the dossiers shall be discarded).
Contents and number of the dossier

a) Dossier components: 

- Official request of the organization/ agency/ legal entity for organizing a press conference. The request must state clearly content, purpose, time, venue and the chair of the press conference;  

(Valid copy of papers evidencing the legal status, list of organizations/ agencies attending the conference, and the press release. In case of press conferences for announcing/ introducing an exhibition, art performance, information of products relating to health, such as medicines, milk, functional products, etc., it is required to submit the Registration Certificate for Product Quality or a written notice of specialized agencies about the product quality, contents of the exhibition, or performance permit, etc.)  

b) Number of dossier: one (01) set   

Processing duration
Objects Organizations, agencies, citizens of Hà Nội or other localities and foreign agencies who want to hold a press conference in Hà Nội
Competent agency Department of Information and Communications
Outcome Written approval
Fee None


Other requirements

Organizations/ citizens applying for holding a press conference must submit a written request at least 24 hours before the conference.      

Legal basis
- Press Law dated December 28, 1989;
- Law dated June 12, 1999 amending and supplementing the Press Law 1989;

- Decree 51/2002/ND-CP dated April 26, 2002 of the Government detailing the implementation of the Press Law 1989 and the Law 1999 on amending and supplementing the Press Law.  

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