Contents of Administrative procedures - Department of Health

Procedure Issuing certificate of health quarantine/treatment for import, export of cargo

Step 1: Individual submits declaration to quarantine unit

Step 2: Quarantine unit receives and  checks the dossier

Step 3: Quarantine unit conducts a reality check

Step 4: Quarantine unit issues certificate of health quarantine/treatment  for imports, exports

Where to submit Individual submits dossier at headquarter of Center for International Health Quarantine of Ha Noi (No. 35 Tran Binh Street, Mai Dich Ward, Cau Giay District, Ha Noi).
Contents and number of the dossier

- A declaration of exports, imports

- Certificates of origin or production place which has production and expiry date.

Number of the dossier: 01 (one) dossier.

Processing duration Within one working day after receiving the complete and valid dossier - The goods containing or having symptoms of disease pathogens must be put in health treatment and wait for the examination results as stipulated (not exceeding three working days).
Objects Organizations/individuals
Competent agency Department of Health
Outcome Certificate
Fee For parcels under 10 kilograms: US$1.4/each examination For parcels from 10 -50 kilograms: US$4/each examination For parcels from 50-100 kilograms: US$6/each examination For parcels from 100 kilograms – 1 ton: US$13/each examination For parcels from 1 -10 tons: US$39/each examination For parcels from 10 -100 tons: US$90/each examination For parcels exceeding 100 tons: US$100/each examination

Health Quarantine Declaration for entry, exit of transport and import, export of cargo

Other requirements Organizations/individuals must have Business registration permit, airway bill, safe quality food certification, qualified microbiological testing results.
Legal basis

- Decision No. 171/2003/QD-BYT dated January 13, 2003 of Minister of Health regulating badges, uniforms, flags, health quarantine officer's card, and 11 paper forms used in border health quarantine system of Socialist Republic of Viet Nam.

- Government’s Decree No. 103/2010/ND-CP dated October 1, 2010, detailing a number of articles of the Law on Contagious Disease Prevention and Control regarding the border health quarantine taken effect since December 1, 2010.

- Circular No. 08/2014/TT-BTC dated January 15, 2014 of  the Ministry of Finace regulating the rates, regime of collecting and using the prophylactic medicines and health quarantine charges.

Administrative procedures