Policies of Ha Noi

Hanoi improves capacity of supporting industry enterprises

HNP - The Hanoi People’s Committee issued Plan No. 49/KH-UBND on March 1 on boosting the development of support industries in Hanoi in 2021.

Hanoi’s schools ready to welcome students return

HNP - Hanoi’s Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control issued Official Letter No. 82/TB-BCD, stating its head’s conclusion at the meeting with district-level authorities on COVID-19 response on February 26.

Hanoi students back to schools on March 2

HNP - The Hanoi People’s Committee issued Official Letter No. 572/UBND-KGVX on allowing over two million students in Hanoi to return to school on March 2, ending about an extended one-month Tet break and online classes due to COVID-19.

Hanoi students to take 10th grade entrance examination four subjects

HNP - The Hanoi People’s Committee on February 19 issued Decision No.839/QD-UBND approving the enrollment plan for 10th grade students in the 2021-2022 academic. 

Hanoi to ensure efficient Covid-19 testing

HNP - Hanoi’s Steering Committee on Covid-19 Prevention and Control issued announcement No.11/TB-BCD on the conclusion of Vice Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee Chu Xuan Dung regarding the Covid-19 fight. 


Hanoi schools remain closed through February

HNP - The Hanoi People’s Committee issued Official Letter No. 460/UBND-KGVX on February 15 on allowing students from kindergartens to high schools to stay at home from February 17 to 28, as a COVID-19  precautious measure.

Hanoi to to shut bars, nightclubs amid COVID-19 outbreak

HNP - The Hanoi People’s Committee issued Official Letter No. 32/TB-VP on January 31, stating conclusion of its Vice Chairman Chu Xuan Dung, who is the head of the municipal Steering Committee on COVID-19 Prevention and Control at the meeting with district- and commune-level authorities.


Hanoi’s young people set off for military service

HNP - Ceremonies to see more than 4,500 young people off for military service were held in 30 townships, communes, districts in Hanoi on February 27. The following are some images from the draft day that Hanoi Portal took at the events.

Personnel of Hanoi’s Party Committee for 2020-2025 term announced

HNP - At the 17th congress of the Hanoi Party Committee, 71 Party members have been elected for the Executive Board of the Hanoi Party Committee for the 2020-2025 term. 

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