Special markets in Ha Noi (06:21 11/10/2018)

HNP – You are a shopaholic, or you simply just want to enjoy the hectic atmosphere with exotic specialties in a local market? Along with the well-known and large wholesale markets in the Old Quarter like Dong Xuan Market, Ha Noi has a number of small markets specializing in other products. If you want to know more about the Vietnamese lifestyle and daily activities of Hanoians, do not miss those interesting destinations. Hereby is our recommendation on the most interesting markets for your trip.

Quang Ba Flower Market (source: vovworld.vn)

1. Long Bien wholesale market
The Gobackpacking magazine ranked Long Bien wholesale market as one of the top five most interesting markets in South East Asia. It seems the place never has a day off, no matter hot or cold, rain or dry weather. As the largest wholesale market in Ha Noi, Long Bien market ignites its lively atmosphere from 11 pm until dawn, which is totally different from most of Ha Noi’s markets. Vendors move to another parts of the city or suburban areas; products sold in this market are from all over Viet Nam and even from China. Buyers arrive in the very early morning for premier products, fresh fruit and vegetables. There are also meats, fish, spices, flowers, and other edibles, yet the most common commodities are fruits and vegetables.


(source: anninhthudo)

2. Quang Ba flower market
Another famous night market is Quang Ba flower market in Tay Ho district, the largest flower market of Ha Noi. If you are a nocturnal person, this market is truly a perfect choice.  The market starts at around midnight; however, just wait until 2-3am, you will see how the market truly exposes its characteristic. Don’t forget to bring your camera and a flashlight to capture this moment. The market looks like a huge flower garden with various kinds such as lily, rose, orchid, daisy, and even some rare ones that you might have never seen before. Fresh flowers are brought here every day from all over Viet Nam, in particular Da Lat which is called the “City of Flowers”. Flowers here are sold by separate species. In addition to fresh flowers, you can find every accessories related to flowers here, such as decorative papers, colorful strings, ribbons and basket for flowers. In the earlier hours, most of the buyers are wholesale traders; later, there are more local people who come to buy large amount of flowers for celebrations, memorials or offerings.

Due to the beauty of the flowers, Quang Ba market has become an interesting meeting point for the young people and an ideal destination for photographers. The market is especially bustling and colorful before special celebrations, such as Lunar New Year, Vietnamese Teachers’ Day or Woman’s Day, when the demand for fresh flower is increased sharply.

(source: zing.vn)

3. Hang Be market
Through hundred years, Hang Be has been an indispensable part of Ha Noi, a cultural space of people in the old quarters. Just 5 minutes walking from Hoan Kiem Lake, the market offers all kinds of goods for the locals, for example fresh food, cooked meat, fruits, dried food, and even worshiping items. This is an interesting approach to gain an insight into life of the Hanoians. Each vendor has its own small space for trading. The vendors begin their work every morning; when the sun disappears, they collect their stuff, finish one working day and come back home. 

4. Buoi market
Located at the intersection of Hoang Hoa Tham and Buoi street (near the southwest edge of West Lake), Buoi market is famous for selling live animals like chickens, ducks and pigs, as well as seedlings and ornamental plants. Through times, it still remains as one of the oldest market fairs that exists until now. This is one of few Ha Noi markets that retain tradition of special market days (on 4th and 9th days of each lunar month).

This place now becomes a modern shopping mall with a variety of products. In an effort to preserve the antique beauty of the old Buoi market, there is a small piece of land behind the shopping mall for trading of seedlings and pets. On the traditional special market days (auspicious days), the number of trees is much more than that of regular days. You can find seedlings of ornamental plants like rose, lily, jasmine and hibiscus, fruit trees from nearby villages (sapodilla of Xuan Dinh village, grapefruit from Dien), or even shade trees. 


(source: internet)

5. Ha Noi flea market (Hoa Binh market)
This is a famous second-hand market located on Hue Street (Hai Ba Trung District). The flea market was believed to have first opened in the 1950s. It has existed for more than half century, and is the oldest flea market in Ha Noi.

There are hundreds of tiny shops close to each other; the products are placed on the ground. Here you can buy anything, from screws, nails, cable connections, refrigerators, tiny chips for your electronic devices, auto/motorcycle parts, and even used motorbikes. Products are sold at different prices between VND 5,000 and10,000 at lowest levels and even up to millions of VND. It is said that when you need something that cannot be found in other markets in Ha Noi, just come to this flea market. If you are looking for rare goods, such as antiquated things, you just need to ask sellers; they will show it to you.


(source: robocon.vn)

6. Nghia Tan market
The market is named after its surrounding areas, and has existed for more than twenty years. This are a lot of stalls typical traditional market of Ha Noi, where all kinds of common food products (vegetables, fruits, pork, chicken, fish, seafood, beef) are sold.


Nghia Tan market is special, because it is called “paradise of street food” for students. There is a lot of eateries selling cheap and tasty dishes from afternoon to midnight. The eateries offer many traditional Ha Noi light food and snacks, including all kinds of sweet soup, spring rolls, cakes, and noodles at very low prices. The market has been upgraded recently with more spaces and kiosks. Apart from enjoying snacks in the food paradise, you can buy food, clothes, shoes, bags or flowers in the market, and experience daily life of the Hanoians.


By Mai Phuong

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